NAS200 - how long should Scandisk take?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by 5circles, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. 5circles

    5circles Network Guru Member

    Does anyone have any idea how long the NAS200 should take to do a Scandisk? I have a 500Gig Maxtor drive.

    I'm running the V34R75 firmware, because it allows me to start up without forcing the scan. It will be great when Jac gets access to the full source code so we can get access to the NAS200 via ssh - but from previous experiments I'm not sure how to keep an eye on scandisk progress.

    I'm in the final throes (hopefully) of getting back to a stable situation with the NAS200 as the prime network and a backup on another drive - not in the NAS200. Right now I've switched all the network shares to the other drive (in an enclosure loaded on a Windows system), so everything is cool while I finish cleaning up the NAS. I tried loading the USB drive onto the NAS, but the drive wasn't recognized even though it was formatted Ext2 on a Linux system. Then I read the threads about the NAS200 needs to do the formatting - darn.

    If this scandisk takes too long, I expect to just reformat and start over. But I have 250Gigs of data to load back. I suppose I could mirror on the box itself.

    I'm watching the web interface right now. Started the scan about 30 minutes ago. The screen reloaded at least a couple of times - changing the status for the disk to 'scanning', but now the browser just seems to be waiting for the web page. And the lights on the NAS200 are suspicious too. Power is solid on, Disk1 is solid on, Ethernet is occasionally flashing (presumably from LAN activity), all others off.

    I will probably let it run for several hours - unless anyone has other suggestions.

  2. 5circles

    5circles Network Guru Member

    I probably left this longer than needed - 9 hours. The power button didn't work either, so I had to power cycle using the cord. Formatting in journaled mode was very quick (I chose journaled because I'm going to keep only one drive in it). And Scandisk took only 15 minutes - of course with the disk being empty - with lights flashing as they should (power and disk 1 in unison). If all goes well I'll repeat the scandisk after loading the data so I have a benchmark.

    Now to reload the data.

    One curiosity remains - I think this is Windows not the NAS200. I created the share on the system that has the external drive, and then mapped to it from the 3 systems that were previously connected. All of them show the same incorrect UNC as when the NAS200 was previously accessible. Just some caching thing I guess.
  3. Mercjoe

    Mercjoe Network Guru Member

    I know the non-journaled mode seems to take forever to perform a scandisk. I had set mine up in a RAID1 non-journaled on 2 500 gig drives as I thought transfer speed was going to be more important to me.

    All it took one ONE scandisk to decide that the journal mode was for me. I use the device as a backup device. Transfer speed was not my main issue, data integrity and availablity is.
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