NAS200: jac2b: kill running scandisk

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by mdsilva, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. mdsilva

    mdsilva Addicted to LI Member


    I reciently lost power to my nas200 and it is running its usual scan disk. Is there a way to kill the scandisk process? Which is the scan disk process?

    I am currently on holiday and want to scp some photos and am getting very low speeds to my nas200. I assume it's because its running scandisk.

    Any help/advice would be very helpful. :thumbup:
  2. jac_goudsmit

    jac_goudsmit Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    If it's running a file system check (which is what most people refer to as "disk scan"), you won't have any access to the disks at all. The disks have to be unmounted while it's checking the file systems.

    However if you have the media server enabled, it will rebuild its database which brings everything to a crawl; that's probably what makes your NAS slow (yes it's possible for the NAS200 to run even slower :redface:). You can stop the the media server from the web interface, or from the command prompt you can do "/etc/rc.d/ stop" (without the quotes) if I recall correctly.

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