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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by jet316, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. jet316

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  2. jac_goudsmit

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    The NAS200 was designed in the time that 2TB drives weren't available yet, that's why they're not supported.

    Drives up to 2TB should work because they use the same SATA protocol as smaller drives. Get ready for extremely long formatting times (think: an entire day or more). Also if anything ever goes wrong with the drives it will take a long time to do a disk check (and it may fail because the NAS200 is so low on memory). A RAID rebuild will also take forever.

    So the bottom line is: it should work but you may be sorry if something ever goes wrong. I recommend using journaled file system to make recovery easier. And make backups!


    PS The SATA protocol is different for drives with more than 2 TiB of data (2.3TB or so) so I expect that 3TB drives will not work.
  3. jet316

    jet316 Networkin' Nut Member

    can you format it externally vs having the NAS format it? & what version ... NTFS/FAT32 etc?
  4. jac_goudsmit

    jac_goudsmit Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Ummmm... The NAS200 uses Linux, so if all you have (or know) is Windows, the answer is no.

    What you can do if you have a Linux computer is:
    1. Make a backup of the configuration through the web interface
    2. Start the formatting on the NAS200 and leave it running for a minute or so
    3. Unplug the NAS200, remove the hard disk
    4. Connect the hard disk to a Linux PC and format the partitions there. The first two partitions of the disk should be formatted in ext2 (if you're using non-journaled filesystem) or XFS (journaled filesystem), and the third partition uses the swap filesystem.
    5. Dismount the drive from the PC and insert it back into the NAS, turn the NAS on
    6. Hopefully the NAS now recognizes the drive as formatted. You should restore the configuration from the backup you made earlier.

    This assumes that you're using Separate Disk mode. If you are planning to use a RAID mode, the story gets more complicated because you'll have to use mdadm on the Linux machine.

  5. Still_Awake

    Still_Awake Networkin' Nut Member

    Mine works well with the slower Seagate 2TB ones (in RAID). Probably bloddy dangerous relying on teh RAID to remain stable and/or even be rebuildable though- even with a dedicated $600 controller and server hardware, its a stretch to achieve ZERO unrecoverable read/write errors when rebulding a degraded array on commodity SATA disks. I'm backing mine up to my time machine at present- will see how well she lasts (but that's for later posts)
  6. cargo

    cargo LI Guru Member

    Regarding 2TB hdd's (raid1)

    Mine nas200 works also with Seagate 2TB (5400 rpm) hdd's.. but from time to time NAS200 becoming to be unresponsive. Once with all 4 lamps lighting, once just with one (NET) lamp.. after power off/on and time to hdd's check by nas - it is again online.. Have no idea why it is so.. Tested with original and Jac4 fw's
  7. cargo

    cargo LI Guru Member

  8. NowWhat

    NowWhat Networkin' Nut Member

    I can confirm other 2T drives work, Hitachis. Both last-gen 7K2000 3Gb/s and recent-release 7K3000 6Gb/s... was rebuilding an array and had to erase the drives anyway, si I stuck them in, just to see if it could recognize/format them, not a problem. I have no 3T drives, I cannot test this.

    re: pausing, you said 5400 rpm drives... did you perchance use "green" drives? Many of those so-called environment friendly drives have firmware that will sleep the controllers, and during idle will stop the spindles. That could be your "pausing" -- you accessed something not in the controller's cache and it had to spin the platters up? Is the pause about 3-4 seconds? Bet that's it.
  9. goliath0667

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    I tried with a 2.5TB WD Caviar Green and it doesn't even recognize it.
  10. cargo

    cargo LI Guru Member

    I have sorted out this problem. With switched OFF DLNA server - all went OK. With Medie Server unit is freezing. I am sure that is is because due to some mistake in memory handling for Media Server database.
  11. Karl Russell

    Karl Russell Serious Server Member

    I've been running a pair of Hitachi 7K2000 (2TB) drives in RAID 1 for about 2 years. Recently had one begin giving SMART errors. Sent it in and got it replaced under warranty. They sent back a slightly different model. When I put it back into the NAS200, everything started out OK (Rebuilding RAID). I knew this was going to take a while, but when I looked in on it the next day the NAS200 had shut down. Now when I start it only one disk is recognized. The old drive (Disk 1) works fine and I can access all of my files, but the NAS200 says that Drive 2 is removed. If I remove Disk 1, it recognizes Disk 2 just fine (of course there are no files on it). Has anyone seen this before, and I would appreciate any suggestions to remedy this situation. Thanx.
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