Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by sNNooPY, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. sNNooPY

    sNNooPY LI Guru Member

    When does it come out?
    Does anyone have any info what the prices will be in Europe?
  2. dcrane6

    dcrane6 Network Guru Member

    I've heard tale as soon as the end of this month, though I'll be surprised if that is indeed the case. Seems it will be in the first quarter of '07 for sure though.

    As an avid NSLU2 user, I'll be interested to see if this device will be able to be unslung as well. :)
  3. kuyttendaele

    kuyttendaele Network Guru Member

    Any idea if it will have a gigabit interface?

  4. sNNooPY

    sNNooPY LI Guru Member

    AFAIK, no. just 10/100MBit which kinda sucks if you ask me...
  5. rmcdouga

    rmcdouga LI Guru Member

    Yes, the spec sheet says 10/100 which sucks. What were they thinking? I'm looking an at D-Ling DNS-323 instead. It's a little more expensive but has Gigabit. I've heard the firmware has problems but may buy it anyway in hopes that it will improve.
  6. snajgel

    snajgel Network Guru Member

    will it have any RAID features?
  7. Int15

    Int15 Network Guru Member

    Raid 0 and Raid 1 are supported.

  8. maxnutter

    maxnutter Network Guru Member

    disk filesystem

    what filesystem does the NAS200 use, and if I install two disks as seperated disks, does it require a reformat?

    i have a load of data on two ext3 drives and it'd be great if i didn't have to reformat!

  9. Quijy

    Quijy LI Guru Member

    the NAS uses ext2 when configured as two separate drives. The NAS will reformat the drives when inserted in the NAS. It has 128mb partition it puts on each of the drives for firmware configurations including passwords, shares and folders.
  10. maxnutter

    maxnutter Network Guru Member

    cheers, that's good to know ... bit of a bugger, but good to know! ;)
  11. icemann77

    icemann77 LI Guru Member

    nas200 sucks!!! how can i mapped my files with my vista? i have 120G SATA drive.
  12. plars3n

    plars3n Network Guru Member

    Along that same line of questioning....
    I need to backup vista workstations to a NAS and the WRTSL54GS would not do it. You can drag-and-drop files but apps can't access it directly.
    I have read in another thread that the WRTSL.. is running an older, not compatable with Vista, version of Samba.

    Is the Samba in the NAS200 more Vista compatable than the WRTSL54GS?

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