Need a crash course in subnetting and setting this wifi up

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by jdub8, Jul 23, 2009.

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    My job has tasked me with setting up a guest (hidden wifi) network. Please pay very careful attention to the details of what they want me to do.

    They bought a Dlink2700AP because dlink told them it could support 40+ wifi clients. They don't want the wifi network to be visible to standard laptops etc (disable ssid). Instead they have these conference tables that have pop ups for power and ethernet. They want to use these D-Link xtreme N duo gaming wifi bridges to connect to the wifinetwork. From the gaming adaptors mounted under these conference tables we will run short ethernet cables through adaptors made for the tables pop up power/ethernet ports. So the idea goes:


    So that the conference tables can be unplugged and moved anywhere but work once they are plugged in again.

    I've logged into the Dlink 2700 AP from a wired connection and the interface is.. well I find it lacking. I've setup several linksys wifi and wired networks at home but i usually have problems when trying to get subnetting to work (IE the main router at home is and the second one plugged into it is or vice versa.. I never seem to be able to get routers to talk to each other). Trust me when I say I've played with it from an technically ignorant but somewhat experienced point of view and I just cant figure out what settings are necessary to get it all working.

    My biggest problem is I cant figure out if the DLink 2700AP is a router or not. It certainly has enough DHCP pages, but they dont seem to hand out IP's. I've connected to it wirelessly and gotten through to the internet when I took it home (2nd day on the job and they let my take home $3500 worth of equipment lol), but I had to manually configure a Dlink gaming bridge to get though despite the DHCP server running. I think I also got a DHCP IP from my homes router... kinda bypassing the 2700's DHCP server (though the gaming bridge connected to the 2700, not my home router).

    Our guest network (which has other wired clients) starts with and we would like to use something different on the wifi network so that if someone has a problem we know from the or that it is on the wifi network. My bosses boss would prefer to use the 172 prefix. If I messed up and 172 isn't one of the reserved IP's please tell me and substitute that in mentally.

    I'll post up screenshots of the Dlink2700AP's config pages later. Any help in the meantime would be much appreciated.
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    The problem you are having with communicating between routers (subnets) is you need to add a "static route" that points to each network (within the router) to alow the subnets to locate one another. The other question(s) seem a bit vague, and I would need more detail. For subnetting, go to, for some beginner courses.
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