Need a lot of duo radio APs for an Apartment building

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dslrgm, May 26, 2009.

  1. dslrgm

    dslrgm Network Guru Member

    Building owner has asked me to help out wiring the building with free wireless for the tenants.

    We can wire the APs in the core, but the APs in the halls will need to use WDS (I doubt that anyone has implemented 802.11s Draft 3 yet, too new). So I was thinking 11a for the WDS and 11b/g for the client access, thus two radios. This is an AP need, not router.

    Also 2 SSIDs, one with 802.1X for those that want secure wireless (at a setup cost) and an open SSID for those that don't care.

    I know that Cisco makes boxens that can deliver this service, but they are pricey. I don't see anything but single radio routers on Linksys's web site.

    Anyone know of what the options are? I am shying away from 'home built', and even 3rd party software, as I want a set it up and forget it scenario...
  2. dslrgm

    dslrgm Network Guru Member

    Forget it, though it is interesting issue.

    We figured that there is no power in the halls (lights are wall sconces), so we are going to be cheaper to run ethernet for POE. and then just use single radio APs.
  3. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member


    Firmware like Tomato, dd-wrt, and others are a far cry from 'home built'. I have some 11 WRT54GLs running dd-wrt among a few Cisco 1200s, all of them running a WPA-PSK SSID and a WPA2-Enterprize SSID at the same time. I have less trouble from the $40 WRT54GLs than from the $400 Ciscos. The Ciscos have PoE built-in, so I got some of those little PoE adapters to bring the 48V down to 12V for the WRTs.
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