Need advice on a new VPN Passthrough, Firewall Router

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tambu, Feb 2, 2006.

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    Hey All,

    I need some information and hoped that perhaps you guys could help. Here is what I need a Wireless Router (atleast G) w/ Firewall and VPN Passthrough. Now to clarify because "every" router these days is a VPN Firewall router. Here is what I need:

    VPN -- I am not talking about router -> Server vpn connections, I am talking about multiple vpn passthrough capabilities. IE computers inside the router can make multiple vpn connections to outside servers. Most wireless router only support a single connection to the same server and if another computer tries to make the same vpn connection it fails I believe the windows code is Error 800.

    Firewall -- As every router now claims to have firewall capabilities I need to be specific. I need a router capable of writing firewall rules. IE say I have two subnets 10.0.5.X (wireless) and 10.0.6.X (wired) I want to be able to to say DENY 10.0.6.X to 10.0.5.X tcp/udp port X. Most of the routers these days that claim to support firewall capabilities do not do rules they simply will block ports going out of the router thus if you block port 80 you loose it to all subnets instead of just having a particular subnet.

    As this is for a business expense isn't a big deal as long as it truely does what I need. I've tried several different routers that all claimed to be firewall/vpn passthrough routers and none of them met my needs. Obviously good quality wireless is important.. The WGT624SC was the worst router I've ever seen even with the latest firmware it keeps locking up randomly and has to be reset. Apparently it's a common problem from reviews I've read.

    NetGear WGT624SC
    Netgear WPN824

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