Need an expert: Wifi Bridged connection for Wii net access with browser auth.

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by sonofaglitch, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. sonofaglitch

    sonofaglitch Addicted to LI Member

    First off let me clarify, I am not stealing WiFi, I am traveling and staying at an RV park for a few months and they offer free WiFi for the park.

    The problem is this:

    The Wii does not accept a browser authentication session,
    their system requires you to click a I Agree type TOS before you are allowed
    any access, if you try to go to any website you are automatically forwarded
    to this agreement page. Similar to how a lot of schools and colleges are doing it.

    I would like to get my Wii and my old Audrey (I hacked it to make it work like a Chumby) back on the internet

    Please forgive me if this question or a similar one has already been answered,
    but I did search beforehand and had no success, I read through several threads
    to no avail.

    Here is what I have tried thus far:

    I am running Windows 7 btw:
    2 wifi adapters using ICS

    A router with tomato in various configurations
    on my LAN port and wifi adapter bridged

    If anybody has any expertise that can point me in the right direction,
    I know this is a very esoteric setup, but I hope someone has figured
    out a way.

    Oh Btw when I did get any sort of link, it still wanted browser authentication,
    I have no idea how it still wanted it, when I get on with my iPod touch,
    it still asked for authentication.

    I am thinking some sort of custom tomato VPN firmware might work?


    Oh and BTW I posted this question purposely in here, because I thought there might be an
    elegant tomato firmware based answer. Thanks.
  2. sonofaglitch

    sonofaglitch Addicted to LI Member

    Solution Found!

    Ok after trying all sorts of stuff, I almost went to the extent of diving into bandwidth aggregation and bonding etc...

    Turns out a simple (but sorry not tomato firmware specific- so mods move this msg to a more appropriate area) answer:

    I had heard about the new virtual wifi adapter that is now possible in Windows 7,
    so I grabbed Connectify (there is a competing program also called Virtual Router) it was free, and it worked.

    No browser based authentication came up, it just worked, the wii passed the connection test.

    The sad news is my old stuff still won't work, as they only supported WEP or Open,
    this new Windows 7 method forces you to use WPA2-SK

    There is probably a workaround, but I am happy enough for right now.

    Thanks for all who read this post.
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