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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by digitransmit, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. digitransmit

    digitransmit Network Guru Member

    I have both WRT54g and WUSB54G, v.4 for both. I have not hook up the WUSB54G yet because the first one that I bought gave me poor performance. When I hooked it up the first time everything was fine for about 24 hours since my signal never dropped below a "Very Good" 48.0 or 54mbps connection. Before I took it back it was getting "Low" and my signal was usually around 18.0mbps or 24.0. So I have not hooked up the new USB adapter in the house until I consult with the forom.

    Now I know that the WRT54G is transmitting well because I can use my dad's lappy in the same spot where my desktop is positioned and get very good to excellent signal from the router.
    When I connected the USB adapter the first time, I of course used the Linksys utility that is found on the disc that comes with the adapter. I used XP as my OS and I have heard that the on board utility conflicts with the Linksys one and that I should have only loaded the drivers. I heard that the conflict between XP's wirless utililty and the Linksys one is what is causing the variables in my signal amount getting to the adapters. I also heard that it had something to do with the "Energy" settings on my computer which I think is bologna. Please tell me what is the best hook up. When I use the disc, I cant figure out how to not load only the XP utility. Is that even the best way to do it....

    (sorry for the newb post)
  2. digitransmit

    digitransmit Network Guru Member

    any help with this would be appreciated most
  3. digitransmit

    digitransmit Network Guru Member

    anybody... :sadbye:
  4. Mario_MX

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    Hi digitransmit,

    You could try to do as follow:

    1.With the unit still conect uninstall all Linksys software and drivers from your PC looking in the Control Panel and in the Device Manager.
    Unplug the Linksys USB, Insert the Linksys instalation CD (Don't run the utility if opens just close it) and Reboot you PC.
    Plug your unit and it will appears the Windos XP Wizard for new Hardware. Select the automatic option and follow instructions from wizard.
    2.Once the drivers are installed next to the clock you will see the icon for wireless networks from XP. open from there the network conections and in your wireless conection in the properties of your adapter turn off the IEEE verification.
    3. Conect your unit in one of the USB ports in the Back of your PC. Usually the ports at the front or side are pasive and don't bring enough energy to the devices.
    4. Change channel in router knowing that the most strong signal is in channel 6, 1 and 11 (In that order).
    5. If you are using WPA in your wireless security mode change to WEP.
    6. Nothing from above works? update the firmware from the router and the drivers for the WUSB54G from the Linksys page.

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