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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by halfhavoc, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. halfhavoc

    halfhavoc LI Guru Member

    Alright so i just got a new linksys router a : WRT54G
    previously i had a BEFSR41 ?? or somethin like that...
    anyway well im not using the WRT54G for wireless purposes. I have 3 wired PC's connected to it, and i seem to have a problem.

    - My internet connection doesn't work, it used to occasionally for about 5 mins after a reset

    - If my network cable is plugged in, the other 2 PC's internet connection Works

    - I think theres some wrong settings or something on my pc because i took another PC plugged it in to my network jack ( i got everything going down connecting in my basement) so it works fine when i plug that in. When i plug mine in it shows theres alot of packets and stuff, says its connected but nothing is working.

    somebody please help me out!
  2. halfhavoc

    halfhavoc LI Guru Member

    ok something weird happened, now my AIM is workin and for a minute broswer was......now the all the other pc's are working fine. The browser isnt working firefox it doesn't go to a new page it just stays stuck on my homepage or the last page i was on and IE just says website not found. Also oddly in Network connections on these other 2 pc's under the connection it says "CONNECTED" in gray letter, on mine it just says ENABLED.
  3. halfhavoc

    halfhavoc LI Guru Member

    damn and it crashed again, everytime i plug my pc in something bad is happening.......SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. heidnerd

    heidnerd LI Guru Member

    You will get better responses if you are more concise about your setup and the problem you are having. Version of router firmware, PC's plugged into ports, 1,3,4... DHCP is being used/or not. Internet is DSL/Cable, Firewall is on/off, Logfiles on WRT54G say "xyz". All pc's can ping WRT54G even when internet doesn't work, etc...

    On your PC's it is always a good idea to get a command line prompt and do an "ifconfig /all" so you can see what each PC is reporting.... I.E. a 169.x.y.z address on a PC means that it problably isn't seeing the router and it has instead used the generic MS ip address.
  5. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Sounds pc related, the router functionality is good via the other machines working. Verify the cable and nic on your machine that is having problems is functioning properly.
  6. halfhavoc

    halfhavoc LI Guru Member

    maybe its my settings or something, that whenever i try to acess the internet it gets messed up, and its Just the internet, i can acess the network on to other PC's and stuff. Can someone show me a screenshot of the linksys setup or something??
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