Need Help. Connecting PCI Wireless to network.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nikato, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. Nikato

    Nikato LI Guru Member

    Alright So maybe im just stupid.

    I bought a WRT54G Wireless G Broadband Router. I have it connected wired to my moms computer. We just finished moving and I've finnally unpacked my computer. and hooked it all up. I put in my WMP54G PCI wireless adaptar card and ran the instal disc. It said it was installed correctely and restarted my comp. Well the next screen to come up was setting up my wireless internet. I hit the refresh button expecting my wireless network that I set up on my mothers computer (the one im using) to come up in the list of avaible wireless networks but it didnt.

    Im a little clueles as to why my card cant find my network. My comp and the router are at seperet ends of a kind of long house, but my PSP can find and connect to our network just fine when im sitting next to my computer.

    So im kind of wondering whats wrong. I use my comp for a lot of internet gaming and such, and not being able to connect to the internet kind of bites. Any help? Maybe something in my online router settings I need to enable/change?

    If it helps any,that cisco light or what ever (the buttong you push to change it from orange to white) is orange. But other than that this comp (my mothers thats wired to the router) works just fine.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Nikato

    Nikato LI Guru Member

    Any help?

    A little update; I was able to "find" my network by moving the atenna's around on my PCI card but I think im just goingto go and buy longer ranged antenna's. However like I said I was able to find my network, but 2 things happend.

    This first time I found it, My computer connected. It said it was a poor connection and for what ever reason I was not able to connect to the internet. The second time my network was found, my computer couldnt get a network address from it.

    Im running out of idea's here. Is their something in the online-network router thingy that I need to check to allow other comps that connect to access the internet or something?

    Any help would be great....
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