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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by AgonizingFury, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. Hello,
    I hope I'm not being rude starting out here just asking a question straight out, but if anybody can help me with my current problem, I'm sure someone in here can. First some background info so you can understand my situation. I'm a soldier stationed in Iraq, and my unit purchased a satellite dish for internet use for the soldiers. Due to the high cost of satellite bandwidth we only have 1024kbps down 512kbps up with a 10:1 contention ration. The contention ratio is usually not a problem as for the most part we use the internet when local buisnesses are closed, and buinesses are about the only people around here that can afford it. I have quite regularly clocked our connection at the full 1024/512 plus some. On this not very fast dish we have 40 people connected. Not all of them all the time, but from 5 PM to 10 PM things do get really ugly. The biggest problem is really not the lack of bandwidth, but the stupid cheap DLink DI-604 the ISP Gave us for sharing the connection. During peak periods it is constantly being bogged down to the point where pings to the satellite modem sitting next to it range from 1000ms to timing out with the ping timeout set at 10000ms, and I can forget logging into the administrator page, cause it just pulls up a page that says "Busy".

    On to the question, is there any Linksys equipment out there that with the right hacked firmware will be able to handle this difficult situation? We are not using wireless, but if most powerful piece of equipment has wireless on it it's not a big deal. The following are the features I would Like to have listed from most important to least important:

    MAC Address filtering
    Send out logs that can be picked up with via SNMP with LogViewer Statically assigned IP addresses via DHCP
    Port Filtering, I need to keep the file sharers from eating all the bandwidth
    QoS, would be nice so I can slow down the webcams, and improve general HTTP access.

    I didn't say it would be easy, but any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    Wow a solider...Its nice meeting you !!!!!!!!!!!!!...

    Yeah , DD-WRT on Linksys WRT54G allows you to do that...there are many frimwares like Sveasoft that allows you to do that...sooo mannny of its function

    i think it has a log-viewer thingy bulit-in tooo , many functions.....port forwarding and name it and it supports it
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    Are you one of the comm guys trying to improve a segment or just a user trying to get better connectivity "minus" informing from network security? I just left Iraq not too long ago and I don't recall them issuing non-managed routers on any part of the enterprise. If the network control center is running a CISCO Pix or any other type of monitoring agent, they'll pick that up should what your doing be unauthorized (only because I'm working SSO I'm mentioning this). If you've got permission, it ain't no big deal!!

    ISP? Damn, if you guys have ISP's issuing you routers for connection to the internet, your unit must be planning on doing some time out in the dust.

    The WRT54G with either Sveasoft, HyperWRT or DD-WRT should have something of interest for you. It's "just enough" to do what you need. Word of mention, be careful when flashing firmware; the WRT54G is notorious form "bricking" during a firmware upgrade.

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