Need help - Encryption key ????

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by maynard54, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. maynard54

    maynard54 LI Guru Member

    Well... now I've done it.

    Couple months ago I set up my new laptop with the WRT 54G router (wireless)... I went thru all the security stuff.. kept my records (I thought)

    Bought another laptop (Dell).. tried to set up.. the wireless connnection keeps asking for the "Wireless Security Password (Encryption key)".. says it's to be 13 characters..

    I didn't write anything down previously with 13 characters..

    Help.. can't get the new one to connect without this PW and I don't know the 13 digit PW..

  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    This isnt as bad as it sounds. If its 13 characters then its 64 bit wep but thats besides the point. All you need to do in log into your router and change the password to whatever you want there and then change it accordingly on your machines.
  3. maynard54

    maynard54 LI Guru Member

    Thanks and I agree....

    It wasn't to bad in fact I figured it out after I posted..s orry to waste your time..

    Now I don't know what's wrong... I'm getting this "connectivity" problem.. won't connect.. even tried the repair button
  4. maynard54

    maynard54 LI Guru Member

    More info...

    I have a Intel PRO set wireless... when I click on that icon I get

    Network name - linksys
    Speed - 54.0 Mbps
    Signal Quality - Excellent
    IP address -

    which is different than my local IP address..

    is that a problem?
  5. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    The ip address you are getting is automatically assigned by windows. No need to get into why but what it means is something is not right, might be your key.
  6. maynard54

    maynard54 LI Guru Member

    I've made sure the key is right

    I've gone to the web site....

    I've clicked until I got to wireless security under the wireless tab. I copied the Key 1 into a text document.. transfered to a thumb drive.. put the thumb drive in the laptop.. cut and pasted the 26 digit PW...

    still have the same problem... "limited or no connectivity"..

    I plugged in the hard wire from the router and have the same problem...

    How do you determine the "profile name".. currently I have "linksys" as the profile name...

    another strange thing.. I enter a 26 digit key... when I go back to look at the key.. I see only 10 small x's...
  7. maynard54

    maynard54 LI Guru Member

    Nevermind... I figured it out. Changed number of users from 3 to 4...doh

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