Need help on Linksys wag54gs desperately.

Discussion in 'Other Firmware Projects' started by insafmohd, May 21, 2014.

  1. insafmohd

    insafmohd Network Newbie Member

    Hello All,

    I am new here with desperate request.

    I have this Linksys wag54gs ADSL modem/router where I installed moded firmware with telnet always enabled. Everything works just fine, ADSL, Wifi, all parts of it.

    I am in need to KNOW and died searching lots of forums, googling etc already-

    1) If the DHCP IP reservation OR static ARP entry creation (to bind MAC to a preferred IP) is possible on wag54gs? Linksys stock FW GUI has no option for this but NOW I have telnet, so is there a telnet line possible what would that be?

    2) Is there a custom firmware available for wag54gs (just ike the Openwag200 BECAUSE mine is also WAG device). If yes, please point me out to the correct firmware/thread

    My H/W details as far as I know

    Linksys WAG54GS
    Processor: Broadcomm BCM96348
    Clock: 240 MHz Processor Bus: 133 Mhz-Reference: 33 Mhz
    Bootloader: CFE 1.0.37-5.11
    Flash: 4 MB
    RAM: 16 Mb
    Ethernet Switches: Broadcom BCM2535
    Wifi: Broadcomm BCM4318 Card

    Thanks for any help ahead :)
  2. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

  3. insafmohd

    insafmohd Network Newbie Member

    Hi mstombs...

    You're right I got the mod from the second link :). It's so sad to hear from you as well as my countless days of searches across the web to find a matching alternative firmware for my device....really sad.

    BTW I found this which matches my hardware .....but can't flash it WAG54GS warns about getting a correct FW version, MAY BE I need some help to pull out the MOST GENERIC version of their firmware and retry flashing...which I don't seem to know how to :(
    Could you take a look into it please? (German conv. to English)

    Their info says " BITswitcher is a modified, improved and enhanced firmware for BCM96348GW-based ADSL router such as...." So???
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