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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by MooonShaddow, Apr 7, 2006.

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    Ok so it looks lik e you're on the right track. You're setting the router up for WEP, but Did you enter the key into each computer?

    What OS are you using? XP?

    The easiest way to do it is delete the network form the list of available wireless networks.

    Right click on the icon that shows that you have no wireless connection(lower right)

    Select the "wireless network" tab

    Right click your network and select delete.

    Windows will detect the network and display an icon ti the system tray.

    Double click it and click connect windows will prompt you for the key.

    Thise may be a bit vague. If you have problems. post again i'll try to be more specific

    Note: I strongly recomend WPA if your wireless cards support it.
  3. jgutz20

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    after you type in the password im guessing that it says connecting and then just refreshes the list of wireless networks? or does it actually connect but say "limited or no connectivity"?
  4. AsGF2MX

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    Ok here's what you do. On your router, you go back change the SSID, enable SSID broadcast, set the encryption to WPA-Personal, set a key for example thisisatest1234 or something.

    On your PC side, scan for wireless networks and when it asks for a key enter it. If no network is found, you know the SSID and you know the key so do the following:

    Open up the Wireless network connection properties, delete any existing preferred networks then add a new one.

    In the next window, enter your SSID
    Network Authentication : WPA-PSK

    Enter the network key and then hit ok save everything and close the window. Then re-scan for wireless networks if needed. It should eventually connect.

    Also you should do MAC filtering as well.
  5. howardp6

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    The router only support Hexadecimal keys so the highest alphabetic character is "F", keep the key to alphanumeric characters. MAC address filter does not add to your security, since the MAC Address is sent in plain text, even with WPA2 encryption and can change the MAC address of a wireless NIC. So why bother, since it only makes things more complicated.

    Install the WPA2 hotfix, unless you are planining to use WEP. If you are using WEP make certain you de-install the WPA2 hotfix, since it cause problems with WEP. Disable 802.11X authentication.
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    Hello Everyone:

    Moonshadow - I think I have a fairly simple solution for you. Rather then using WEP / WPA encryption, just enable the MAC filter on your router.

    When MAC filtering is enabled - only computers in the "approved" list are allowed in. Other computers are automatically denied. The only catch is - if you add a new (wireless) computer to your network - you need to add it to the "approved" list.

    Plus, MAC filtering doesn't cut down on speed like the other solutions...

    This solution is very easy to implement. All you need is a PC / laptop that is hardwired into the router.

    I've got step by step instructions for you (below). However, since I can't figure out exactly what is working on your network - you'll need to get everything working again (unsecured) before you do this. If you have to, reset the router to bring it back to factory defaults.

    Hope this helps

    IT LAN/WAN Tech

    Enabling MAC filtering on a Linksys box:

    *** You must do this from a hard-wired (non-wireless) machine ***
    *** Attempt at own risk ***

    1. First, login to your Linksys router from the page. The default password is "admin" (no quotes) with no username.

    2. Next, click the administration button at the top to bring up that page. Change the password, just for extra security. Leave the rest of the options alone - and hit save (you'll probably have to login again after this with the new credentials).

    3. Important: Make sure all of your wireless computers are fired up and connected to the access point.

    4. Get back in the router and click the wireless button at the top to bring up that page.

    5. Ideally, we should change the SSID to something other then "linksys" -- but if that has caused problems for you in the past - don't worry about it. If you change it - do it. Make it unique, then make sure all your wireless computers can access the point with the new SSID.

    6. Click the wireless MAC filter submenu button to bring up that page

    7. Choose Enable

    8. Choose "Permit only PCs listed to access the wireless network"

    12. Now, push the button that says "Edit MAC Filter List"

    13. This opens a pop-up where you can enter in the MACs manually - if you know them off-hand - just type them in. If you don't - keep reading.

    14. Push the button at the top of the page that says "Wireless client MAC list"

    15. This brings up a list of all the boxes on your wireless network. Place check marks in the ones you want to allow.

    16. Click "Update Filter List" when you're finished checking the boxes

    17. Close the two pop up windows -- now you should be back at the main wireless MAC filter menu

    18. Push save settings

    19. Test it out!
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