Need Help , so confused about WRT54G >.<

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by XNet, Aug 6, 2004.

  1. XNet

    XNet Network Guru Member

    i'm so confused.....
    coz i'm new to this WRT45G and wireless thing
    my problem is...
    i want to have a better internet connection , but my area don't have any cable / adsl / etc. connection , only have dial-up
    but , there is a isp BTS ( Base Transfer Station )
    i talk to them what i want , and the give me specific ip and dns, to allow me get internet connection from them ( via wireless / wave lan )
    the BTS using AP2000 , and have 6km range
    ^ - - - - - 2km - - - -- ^
    ! ^
    ! !
    ! LoS Ok , only some Tree !
    ISp BTS My Computer

    i want to use my WRT54G to get internet connection from this BTS
    can somebody help me how to get it ?
    and.. for external antenna , can i use any homebrew antenna ?
    coz commercial antenna is too expensive
    and , can the WRT54G do this for me ? and any recommened Firmware ?
  2. AbNormal

    AbNormal Network Guru Member

    I'm not familiar with the AP2000, but if it is this product, then it will depend on where and how the antenna at the provider's end is situated.

    If they utilize a high gain omni antenna, then you could easily pick up their signal by adding an external patch antenna on your WRT54G/GS. You'd need an antenna with something like 12 to 14 dB of gain.

    You could also try making a reflector to see if it would increase your signal enough before actually spending more money.

    So, as long as your ISP is using a standard 802.11 2.4GHz system, and they give you the authority, it should be possible. If they are using a proprietary system, you'll be out of luck. You need to talk with them again to confirm that their system will indeed talk to ordinary consumer hardware, just to be sure.

  3. XNet

    XNet Network Guru Member

    Abnormal , thanks for reply
    yes it is...
    that Orinoco AP2000 , they use that ...
    but i wan't to make sure...
    I want to have internet connection from them , so They are the host... and i am i client , right ? can the WRT54G act as client for me ? so , i want to connect to the internet via WRT54G ?
    and can somebody help explain to me how to set it up ?
  4. fact

    fact Network Guru Member

    To use the WRT54 in client mode you would need special firmware, like Sveasofts. In your case, being fresh to this field, I would just use a WiFi client card, perhaps in a separate home server, and stay away from using the WRT as a client.

    - Harald.
  5. XNet

    XNet Network Guru Member

    just update the firmware using Satory 4.0 firmware..
    found : AP , Client and Adhoc mode ^^
    thanks guys
    hmm, now bout antenna.... 2km.. can anybody give any advise ?
    homebrew one , i don't want to buy commercial antenna , too expensive..
    i need antenna to connect between my wrt54g to BTS(Orinoco AP2000 ).
    distance : 2km

    btw , sorry if my english is so badd >.< still learn bout it..
  6. XNet

    XNet Network Guru Member

    all messed up :cry: >.<
    spend almost US$ 100 , nothing happend :cry:
    cause of the TREES , darn...
    between my location and the BTS , there are 2 big trees...
    so,, LOS = bad , only can see the tree :cry:
    thank u for the reply all.....

    i think , nothing can be done , right ?
    the signal cannot pass the tree right ?

    thanks all
  7. AbNormal

    AbNormal Network Guru Member

    re: trees...

    Hard to say... trees (mostly, the leaves) insert attenuation into the path of the signal. The more dense the tree(s), the more attenuation. One small tree will not entirely kill the signal, but a number of them will.

    To overcome some loss, you can use an external directional antenna at your end. The 'gain' will act on both the receive and transmit directions.

    For a 2 km link, it will need to be outside, mounted as high as possible on your home, either on the roof or a wall facing the ISP. Before commiting to an outside location, you can try using a room that has a window in the right direction, to get a feel for how good a signal you might be able to 'see'.

    In addition, the Sveasoft software allows you to increase the router's transmit power, at the possible risk of shortening it's life. I am of the opinion that it should survive running at the 100mw setting, provided the router isn't baking outside in the sun. Note, that cranking up the power only helps you to get your signal to the ISP. It does nothing for the receive signal, however. But if either direction is operating close to the noise level, then the overall throughput will suffer. You can almost be sure that the ISP is transmitting more than 20 or 30 mw, so increasing your side will help match the two directions.

    There are sites on the Internet that offer (free) path loss calulators, to analyze all of these variables, so you could do a search and use one of these as part of your preliminary research. While working with distances and power levels is just a simple matter of math, the real challenge is to assess the terrain between the two sites. If it is Severe Clear, then this makes it pretty simple. But life isn't never that simple, right??

    Anyway, hope this gives you more to think about, and Bonne chance!

  8. XNet

    XNet Network Guru Member

    new problem...
    this linksys WRT54G , using Svatory 4.0 Firmware , cannot establish link with Orinoco AP2000 (WRT54G act as Client mode ) :cry: , dunno how to do is.. , but it can't connect ...
    so confused...
    tree , wrt54g , antenna... arrrghhh >.<
    confused.. >.<
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