Need help urgently with this wireless setup

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by slayer, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. slayer

    slayer Network Guru Member

    Hi Guys

    Hate to be a pain and make my first post so urgent but I've done a heap of reading and communicating with other aussies on another message board and need to work out whether a wireless network will work. Basically I need to provide answers for the client tomorrow morning.

    To save everyone the time I'll link straight to the forum thread. What I'm hoping you guys can fill me in on is will this setup with wrt54gs setup as bridges work the way I need them to i,e making everywhere completely wireless while allowing client machines to access the network (this is where the trouble has come up with ppl suspecting once these units are in bridge mode clients can't connect into them)

    thanks in advance guys I'm really getting quite panicky about it here's the link to the discussion
  2. AbNormal

    AbNormal Network Guru Member

    slayer, you certainly must enjoy punishment!

    That quote is definitely too vague and ambiguous a request, to generate a Statement of Work. They may have just as easliy asked you to come over and paint a room for them, in a colour which they would like, but not give you a clue as what colour that might be. Okay, bad example, but they are setting you up to fail. Don't even go there.

    They need to spec out their requirements a lot better first, and break it down to a list of "needs", and "would likes". In addition, you need to how many PCs (wired and/or wireless) are to be networked right now, and for the near term. What sort of applications will be run, etc... email only, a lot of surfing, file sharing, or VoIP?

    You didn't give any specifics about the real distances involved, except that they are probably not over 100m, from what I can tell. This likely won't be a problem, but you need to ensure you have a decent line of sight between antennas for your radio links.

    Second, as has been stated already, a "client mode" access point, or bridge, is used only to extend a wired network over a radio link. It essentially becomes a dedicated point-to-point network. What you may want to consider is a WDS network. The remoteWRT54G/GS would communicate to the central site, as well as allow wireless clients to connect, if the clients are within range of the remote's antenna. This is sometimes the trade-off, in finding the best antenna location for the "back haul", and yet still serve the wireless clients. Also, since the WDS wireless router only has a single radio, it must first receive data, and then repeat it for re-transmission. The result is, the data throughput is halved. But, it can accomplished with a single WRT54G/GS at the remote site, which is an economic factor.

    Other than that, I can see you have your work cut out for you, and this will become a great (?) learning experience. But I know from painful experience, that the better you can define the requirements up front, the easier it will be to measure them later!

    Good luck
  3. slayer

    slayer Network Guru Member


    Thanks for the feedback. Just got back from the meeting (after getting about 1hrs sleep) and I think I've convinced them to go for a combination of wired and wireless. Basically I'm now looking at getting them to run cable from the central switch into each of the buildings which then goes into a router/access point. Each pc/laptop then has the option of being a wireless or cabled client. I figured this would be easier to setup and leave room for future expansion and upgrades. The downside is obviously they will need to get someone in to lay the cable (recommended they request cat5e or even cat6 for future expansions)

    I would setup each pc with static ips using the same subnet (am I correct that they would all be able to talk to each other, vnc etc?)

    I've attached a picture of the new setup, the circles with red arrows are all routers/access points connected to the main switch in the library via a cable.

    thanks again
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