Need Help with BEFW11 S 4 V4.0

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lays, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. Lays

    Lays Guest

    This linksys 802.11b router did not work well from the first moment. It just kept on disconnecting around every 20 minutes. When I upplug and plug the power cable it will work fine for another 20 minutes. Everything looks fine, the IP, DNS and Gateway, just cannot access nothing, including I tried to search for a solution and called linksys, I upgrade and downgrade firmwire for a couple of times, enable MTU and set it to 1453 coz I am a COMCAST user, I enable UPnP. I have tried pretty much everything I can imagine but the problem is still there. The router is great when it works. Sorry about the long story but I really need some help here. Thank you.
    Anybody has a clue to solve the problem?
  2. freelander

    freelander Guest

    for me worked changing ip range to instead of

    Also check if you use in router the mac adres from ethernet card wich you use when you start your internet account.

    these changes probably keeps you connected...
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