Need help with chillispot and two WRT54G's with DDWRT.

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by kacang, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. kacang

    kacang LI Guru Member

    Hi, guys..

    I can't for the love of god work out the use of chillispot in my config!

    My setup :

    I have an old V1 WRT54G which is loaded with DDWRT V22. This WRT is connected to the internet via cable modem and has wireless turned off and DHCP on. (I mainly use it as a firewall and monitor it with PRTG). From the LAN ports I have a connection to a SD208 switch which connects to my computers ( = linux with free radius and myphpprepaid and the apache with hotspotlogin.cgi) also a windows 2003 server on

    router ip =, the DNS1 and DNS2 I get form ISP are and

    I finally got a hold of a WRT54GL which I loaded with DDWRT V23+SP1. What I did was connect a LAN port from the OLD WRT to the WAN port of the new WRT. (I have done this before in a Cafe, which only had arouter and used the WRT54G as a wireless network with different IP range so their internal computers could not be reached)

    anyway, so I followed all the steps in this Guide

    1) set the DCHP to automatic (which by the way gives me a IP of on the WAN port) , turned off DHCP

    2) I set the local IP to, gateway, and local DNS

    3) turned on hotspot, set primairy radius + sec radius to, DNS IP to, redirect URL to, shared key = Pisa, radiusnasid=PisaHotSpot, UAM secret is testing123.. (change the conf files to use the secretkey), mysql is installed and working, myprepaid website also working, and it looks like freeradius starts just fine with -xxyx -l stdout

    4) Went to my laptop and connected wirelessly, which some how seems to get the correct IP through chilli, since I am getting as IP,default gateway and DHCP gives me for both, DNS servers I get for both..

    Now I am not getting redirection to the hotspotlogin page and I can't even ping the internet..

    I thought I could , but I can't figure it out, I need HELP, seanbracken ??? any clues ? Ideas.. It must be something silly, but I don't see it ..

    Thanks a bunch...

  2. kacang

    kacang LI Guru Member

    any takers ?

    anyone, hints tips... I could use some help..

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