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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Moze1021, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. Moze1021

    Moze1021 LI Guru Member

    On Friday night I installed a linksys N router, WRT300N. I had no problems with the installation.

    The first wireless piece of equipment I tested was a Dell latitude laptop with built in wireless adapter, with max capabilities of a G network I believe, and it worked with no problem at all.

    On Saturday, I purchased and installed a Linksys Wireless-N PCI adapter, WMP300N. Right off the bat I had problems. First, an error message popped up saying that the software did not pass the Windows logo test and that installing it may cause harm to the system. Knowing that Linksys is a reliable company, I continued anyway. Once everything was installed, I immediately noticed a problem when trying to access the Network Connections in the Control Panel.

    I was met with an error message: "An error occured while Windows was working with Control Panel file C:\WINDOWS\system32\netsetup.cmp". This, however, didnt seem to be too much of a problem unless I tried to access that control panel file.

    So, I know the PCI card is installed correctly at this point. In device manager it is recognized and says it is working properly. The Linksys software would then go back and forth from saying it was connected to the network, to saying it could not communicate. The signal strength indicated was only about 40%. Even so, the computer would not be able to acquire an IP address. I then decided to pull the antenna around a corner in the house and now it will connect to the internet and get an address. However, this address will randomly be lost and come back, leading to a very unstable connection.

    The laptop with Wireless G network adapter seems to work better in the same location, albeit with a very low signal strength as well.

    The desktop PC is probably about 125 feet away and up one floor. My question is..isnt wireless N supposed to be able to handle this distance easily??

    Is there something I need to do on the router to increase the range? Does it have something to do with the channels (Currently set on channel 3)?

    If anyone could give any advice or recommendations I would greatly appreciate it.

    When you spend $230 dollars for a wireless system you expect it to work better than this. Thanks.
  2. Moze1021

    Moze1021 LI Guru Member

    Sorry had to bump this....please anyone with any ideas??
  3. Rattlehead

    Rattlehead Network Guru Member

    Ok I couple of suggestions for you that I have come across with Linksys PCI cards anyway.

    Make sure 100% that you install the software 1st before even physically installing the PCI card itself.(Im not sure if u did this but just incase you didn't)
    Instead of using the Linksys Network software, try using Windows XP SP2 in built Wireless Zero Config tool, I prefer it.
    Go find and dload NetStumbler, great program that will ID any other wireless network in the area and the channel that they're using, Wireless-N although having GREAT potential hasnt been fully 802.xx passed and one issue that Ive come across working in a wireless ISP is that some of the Wireless N equip interferes with itself and with 2.4 equipment aswell, so try and pick a channel furthest away from any other channel you have discovered.
  4. Moze1021

    Moze1021 LI Guru Member

    Thanks...I appreciate the input...I definitely installed the software first before putting in the PCI card..

    First think I will try is to disable the Linksys software. Only problem with that was that the Windows XP Zero Config tool didnt seem to even recognize that there was a wireless network in range...

    Which leads me to believe that it may be some sort of interference... particularly with the cordless phone system which is probably 2.4 GHz...It is my girlfriends parents house and I wont be there until Friday to confirm these things and try to fix the issue...I will definitely try the NetStumbler software as well...

    I really appreciate your help, I will post the outcome....
  5. Rattlehead

    Rattlehead Network Guru Member

    Please do post the out come, as I am looking into some of the N Technology myself. This may sound stupid but did u get the Wireless Router and PCI cards in different places?
    I got my G router with american standard firmware on it and pci card with european formware on it and the Zero config tool in XP, wouldnt pick it up.Once i got this standard EU on both Wireless Router and PCI Card it worked a treat.
  6. Moze1021

    Moze1021 LI Guru Member

    Well to answer that last question, both the router and card were bought in the same onto my results...

    When I used the Netstumbler software, the only network that came up was that of the Wireless N router...since I am new to this technology, I am trying to learn what the information given by the program indicates...

    From what I can gather, the SNR is the most important value to look at..on this computer, it was 16dB.....the signal was -84dBm and the noise was -100dBm...

    Now, the 16dB SNR, from what I have read, is not great but should be good enough to hold an IP address correct??

    Will changing the channels have any impact on the SNR?? I didnt have time to go through trying all of the different channels because I was busy over the weekend..would rather not waste the time if no one thinks it will help...

    I also want to try to get laptops in the same location (one with a wireless-B and one with a wirless-G adapter) and see what kind of SNR value they can attain...

    It is my guess that they will have the same SNR or better and therefore will prove that this Wireless- draft N is really nothing special right now and money may have been wasted...

    Any more advice or input would be greatly appreciated...thanks
  7. Rattlehead

    Rattlehead Network Guru Member

    16 SNR is good but may not constantly hold the IP address, ud need to get it a lil higher. Is encryption on the router?Try turning it off see if it improves.
    Try moving the pc\laptop close to the router see if it increases the SNR, just to see if there is interferance.
    "the signal was -84dBm and the noise was -100dBm..."
    That tells me there is ALOT of interferance in the area, may not be from other wireless networks but defnitly from something.
    At this point I think the G or the G with speedboostwer and thr Linux distro of firmware is the way to go for now dood.
    Good Luck.
  8. jbrown1

    jbrown1 Guest

    First, I would try turning off any other wireless routers, gateways, etc.. you hvae in the area. After that try to connect again. I am sure you know to use only one application to connect, and disable any other you have installed. Like if your going to use NetStumbler disable the Linksys and Windows Utility connection managers. Have you checked to make sure you are useing the same encryption on both devices? (I never use WEP, I use WPA 1 its easyest. WPA 2 is still not supported by many devices) The best advice I could give, if all else fails start with as few divices as possible and work your way up till you get them all working. One problem fixed always leads to something else breaking. Post your results I want to buy a Linksys N router too, so I want to know how you get yours to work.
  9. devries25

    devries25 LI Guru Member

    Also try other channnels. In my case, with a WAG54GX2, cordless phone caused interference when modem/router on Ch13 - NetStumbler could not detect the router wireless signal. Changed to Ch2 and no problems.
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