Need Help with Network setup - wrt54gv5 X2

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by manshack_one, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. manshack_one

    manshack_one LI Guru Member

    DD-WRT loaded... now what? need wireless switch help.

    Hi. I'm new to the linksys game and wireless so please be patient with my questions. :)

    Here's what I have now:

    Internet > DSL Modem > Speedstream Router > switch > wired clients.

    Here's what I need to add starting at the switch

    switch > wrt54gv5 -----(wireless)--> wrt54Gv5.

    Basically I ran a splitter on a jack in one of the outside rooms and want to put the first wrt in the window and have the second one pick it up about 100 ft away and repeat the signal. I understand that the second wrt will have to be flashed with dd-wrt and put in repeater mode but what about the first one? It will be wired into the switch so does it need dd-wrt also? I already have a dhcp server. Not much of a network guy but I'm one hell of a pc repairman so I'm catching on pretty quick. Thanks in advance for all your help. Please also let me know about the IP settings and subnets that need to be set.
  2. manshack_one

    manshack_one LI Guru Member

    Ok. Got DD-WRT loaded up on the first one last night. Now I need it to act as a wireless switch so should I do the following now:
    1) leave the base config
    2) disable DHCP
    3) change wrt address to (existing dsl router using address)
    4) enable router mode
    5) plug cable (straight or crossover?) in between the two routers using the regular switch ports

    Am I missing anything?
    The next step is making the second wrt a wds node.
    Thanks in advance.
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