Need help with the RV042 DMZ port

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by jwdenzel, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. jwdenzel

    jwdenzel Network Guru Member

    Hi everyone,

    I could really use some help. I have a webserver that I am hosting from my house. (My connection is 20 Mbit for both upstream and down. Yes, I know, it's insane speed!) :rockon:

    Anyway, my goal is to have the web server be inside the DMZ so that it's seperate from the other machines on my LAN. I bought the RV042 because it has a dedicated DMZ port, which I know is more secure than simply specifying a "DMZ host" in the web interface.

    I have tried a number of configurations, but I simply cannot get it to work. I can't get my incoming WAN traffic to be directed to the server plugged into the DMZ. I have 2 static IP addresses.

    Does anybody have any advice on how to properly setup the RV042 to work with the DMZ port?

    Thanks in advance
  2. BrandonIT

    BrandonIT Network Guru Member

    Unfortunately, it's been a long time since I've seen the setup screens of the RV042. If you could post some pics of the DMZ & firewall setup screens it might help jog some memories.

    I know in order to use the DMZ functionality, the WAN, DMZ, and LAN all had to be on seperate subnets. ie. You couldn't have the DMZ internal addresses be the same as the external WAN addresses I think.

    BTW, thanks for your post in my topic. One thing you should be aware of right now concerning the VPN on the RV042, is that your LAN addresses MUST be different than the local IP address scheme on your incoming VPN connections. We ran into this problem because our LAN was using 192.168.1.X as a subnet. Well, only about 85% of home routers ALSO default to using 192.168.1.X as the default subnet. That meant that either the users would have to change their subnet, or I had to change the LAN subnet (which is what I did.)

    Now, my LAN is 192.168.242.X which should be sufficiently different from ANY other home LAN IP scheme out there, as to not cause a problem with QuickVPN. Just wanted you to be aware so if you have to change, you can do it slowly.
  3. jwdenzel

    jwdenzel Network Guru Member

    Here's my setup.

    (Static IP delivered over the WAN port)
    RV042 router/ gateway (with the firmware)
    IP address for the router is
    LAN computers (10.0.1.x)

    Pretty simple, right?

    My goal is to take a web server and plug it into the DMZ port. If all goes well, then all my incoming WAN traffic will get ported to that host. So far, I have been totally unable to do this.

    My questions are:
    1) If my LAN computers are 10.0.1.x, what IP address do I enter into the web server when it's connected to the DMZ? Do I use 10.0.1.x, or 10.0.2.x? The impression I get is that the DMZ and LAN should be different subnets.

    2) What value do I set for the web server's default gateway? Would it be

    3) What other settings need to be set on the router for this all to work?

    4) Can I put a hub on the DMZ port and connect multiple hosts on that DMZ?

    See the attached screenshots.

  4. jwdenzel

    jwdenzel Network Guru Member

    Or to put this all more simply....
    What the heck do I need to do to get the DMZ port to work as a DMZ port?!?!?!

    Unfortunately, Linksys tech support is of absolutely no help.

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