Need help with Tomato Shibby Settings

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by geigers, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. geigers

    geigers Serious Server Member

    Hy, I'm new to tomato and was trying setting up it for the first time, unfortunately without success.
    I own two routers, on one of them dd-wrt is still installed. Because dd-wrt is so buggy, I wanted to give tomato a try on my spare router (ASUS WL-500g Premium) to start with.

    On this spare router I installed Shibby's tomato-NDUSB-1.28.5x-101-Big-VPN and I failed to set it up for a class B network ( / I get following responds as soon I click 'OK': "Netmask must have at least 22 bits set (":

    I do not have any problems to set up a class B net if I use the current version of polarcloud's tomato!
    Is it not possible to set up a class B net with Shibby's tomato or is it a bug?

    I did also take a look at the Bandwidth Limiter of Shibby's tomato and I wonder what following parameters means: DLRate, DLCeil, ULRate, ULCeil?

    I want to control/limit two clients, one with highest and one wiht lowest priority.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Zodler

    Zodler Serious Server Member

  3. geigers

    geigers Serious Server Member

    Many thanks for the link. Actually it is a little hard to find all the manual stuff for tomato. I did a google search and found some info regarding the Bandwidth Limiter but never the whole manual.

    It looks like, that I have been heard regarding the limitation about 22 bits netmask in shibbys build, because I saw in the changelog for version 102 the following entry: "Remove limitation about 22 bits netmask" (
    I hope thats about my issue. I will dl and install it onto my rt16 the next days. With the origin and the latetest toastman I had no limitations like that on my WL-500g.

    Some day I will upgrade my DSL line to VDSL from the Deutsche Telekom. As I understood, VDSL needs some VLAN-Tagging (what ever that means). Now I ask me, if this is possible within the Web-GUI of current builds. The only Info I found about that is the following: but this howto is kind outdated. So I wonder if there is an updated howto for that. As I do not want the Entertain/IPTV package (, and therefor no need for Vlan ID8 Tagging and Multi/Unicast stuff, but only tagging the VLan ID7, this should be simply and should/could be done within the GUI. Can somebody help with that?
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