need more information about the first firmware upgrade to DD

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by nemegen, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. nemegen

    nemegen Network Guru Member

    hi all :)
    i'm a new user of a WRT54GS V4 and i have make search on the FAQ forum and net to find more information about the first firmware upgrade from the official linksys firmware and the DD-WRT. but without success

    in the download section i can found this

    in the hwsupport.txt file.
    but what is the mini version? the file found here: in dd-wrt.v23 and mini directory

    but which file?
    the generic? the GS or GSV4? i think the GSV4 but after flashing this version i would like to use the web interface upgrade and the txt tell i need to use the "included generic binaries" but what are these binaries? in dd-wrt.v23 and standard directory

    the xxxV23_generic.bin or the wrt54gsv4.bin?

    thanks for your help.
    greetings from france
  2. t4thfavor

    t4thfavor Network Guru Member

    find out which you have a wrt54gv4 or GSv4 by figuring out if you have speedbooster. if you have speedbooster you have a GSv4 so use that binary *.bin then use the webinterface to update to the next version.

    Personally i have a wrt54gsv4 and i just went straight to the dd-wrt.v23_wrt54gsv4.bin and it worked for me.

    but you do so at your own risk. also note that i had to reset to factory defaults before and after the flash
  3. nemegen

    nemegen Network Guru Member

    ok thank you for these infos but i can flash this bin directly with the linksys official firmware or i need to use the "mini" binary before?
  4. reber

    reber Network Guru Member

    The snippet below is from BrainSlayer's hwsupport.txt.
    If you're upgrading from the GUI, relax and use the generic version.
  5. nemegen

    nemegen Network Guru Member

    ok but what you call generic version? the generic official linksys or the generic.bin file?
  6. callous

    callous Network Guru Member

    generic mini from ddwrt
  7. nemegen

    nemegen Network Guru Member

    ok thanks that roks now! :)
    just another question:
    i would like to use Rflow collector but i can't find the Rflow configuration page on the GUI.
    can you help me?
    edit: ok i used the wrong version (mini) is a lite version without rflow :)
    thanks all for your help
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