Need some Thibor questions answering

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by basmic, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. basmic

    basmic LI Guru Member

    I am seriously contemplating flashing/upgrading my WRT54GS v1.1 (4.71.1 Linksys firmware) to Thibor's 15c.

    The primary reasons I want to do this are:
    • It will help/alleviate me with my connection problems, when uTorrent is strutting it's stuff on my connection.
    • I can Telnet into my router, and possibly have a play around with Linux (something I haven't done before)
    • It gives me some additional port-forwarding boxes to use. Something I've been screaming for, recently.
    • It allows me to further unleash the power of my router, what with the additonal features being 'unlocked'.
    Now for my questions:
    • After upgrading to Thibor, I read here that I need to punch in some startup script. How do I go about entering this script - via the ping window, or telnet?
    • Excuse me if I am confused with the wrong firmware, but I read that if you setup port-forwarding, you also need to edit the WRT54GS's firewall to allow these ports through.
      Obviously this is something I am a little sour about, since I have no experience with the Linux OS, and editting firewall rules.
    • Should I change my mind and want to revert back to my Linksys's (current) firmware, do I just use Thibor's web-interface for my router, to do this? Or do I need to punch in some commands via Telnet?
    • After flashing to the Thibor firmware, would it be best for me to do reset to factory defaults, then a hardware reset (hold reset button in for 30 seconds after turning router on)?
    Sorry if I seem confused. I've been looking primarily at the HyperWRT and DD-WRT firmwares, and I'm full of cold.
  2. grcore

    grcore Network Guru Member


    1 - You do not need to set a startup_script, but you can if you want. It can be set through the GUI or telnet...whatver suits you...

    2 - No, port forwarding works just like the original firmware. No need to set any firewall_script 's. You have the extra forwarding slots in the GUI, and unlimited through the firewall_script (only limited by the amount of available RAM/Flash)

    3 - You can revert to whatever firmware you wish after updating.

    4 - After updating, on the Factory_Defaults.asp page in the GUI there is an option to Clear NVRAM, Restore Factory defaults. Use that or Hold the reset button in for 30secs while powering the unit up.

    Have fun....
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