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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by kalel90, Jul 28, 2009.

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    I followed Toastman's thread and came up with these settings to keep xbox live latency down and regular web browsing fast while also keeping large web downloads going at acceptable speeds and i was wondering if you guys to review it to see if it should work correctly.

    QOS Settings -


    QOS Class Setup -


    Also of note i don't have tcp vegas enabled but if it would help im willing to use it.
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  3. Toastman

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    OK, comments first

    First, you're trying to use some tomato default settings, and adding stuff. It's better to start from scratch.

    TIP: There are 10 classes in Tomato. Unfortunately, much confusion has occurred because the first 5 are labelled Highest to Lowest. In fact the fifth is NOT the lowest priority, it is E. Using all of the classes can really help you to see what is happening with your QOS.



    Ok, now to give you some settings to try


    53 TCP/UDP 0-2kb DNS Highest
    3074 TCP/UDP src (& dest???) Xbox live High
    88 UDP src (& dest??) Xbox live High
    80,443 TCP dest 0-512k WWW Medium
    80,443 TCP dest 512k+ WWW B (for file downloads etc)
    80,443 TCP source C HTTP uploads
    [[[[25,110 TCP dest Mail low, lowest etc.... (example) anything else slowly add to the unused classes]]]

    QOS settings tick ALL small packet selections except for ACKS
    Tick reset class when changing settings
    Set default class to D (anything you don't define a rule for will end up in this class)

    Outbound rate/limit

    400k (is this 85% of max measured speed?)

    Highest 50-100
    High 50-100
    Medium 50-70
    B - 1-20 file downloads
    C 1-40 whatever you want to limit uploads to - too high will take too much outgoing bandwidth.
    D 1-15 not to let P2P and other stuff request too many incoming packets
    E Crawl/Kill things off class 1-1 or nothing etc...

    Incoming limits


    Experiment. Initially set to 60%. This should give good latency. As you increase it, latency will get worse as throughput increases and the link begins to saturate.

    Highest 100%
    High 100%
    Medium 50% (to 100%)
    B 50% limit on http file downloads etc
    C 20% limit on uploads acks
    D 50% Stop P2P from getting a strong foothold on your bandwidth
    E 1 Use this class to dump stuff in to kill it off...

    TCP Vegas - Don't use this.

    Some limits are kept low enough to allow normal operation, without leaving a loophole for too much unwanted P2P to use that class as a backdoor... all of them can be fiddled with later to fine tune your settings.

    Sorry, I hope I have not made a mistake, I am in a great hurry. But I think you should be able to make a start. Read over the QOS thread again to clarify any points that puzzle you.

    Good luck
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