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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Digital_Alchemist, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. OK im using a wrt54g v1.1 latest official firmware from linksys. There is a laptop and a desktop wired to the router. I use port forwarding on my laptop so my IP needs to stay the same. Sometimes i have to leave and take my laptop with me so the router will reassign my ip to the desktop. I've tried to setup static IP's via the network settings, and turning off the DHCP server, but i cannot connect to the net. IE displays server cannot be found. Both computers are setup to wait for the IP to be assigned automatically first and then fall back to the static IP's. For some reason the laptop and desktop are showing 2 different sets of dns servers. PLEASE if anyone can tell me what im doing wrong please help
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    There are a few things to check when you set up static ip:

    1) Did you enter the correct DNS servers into the configuration screen. In windows when you disable dhcp you also give up the ability to fetch the dns servers from the router and they must be set explicitly in the configuration.

    2) Did you choose a conflicting ip with another system already on the network? In your router configuration you probably have the dhcp range set up as x.x.x.100 - x.x.x.150 unless you changed it in the router configuration. You need to make sure that whatever ip you assign is outside that range (I personally start at 99 and work my way down for static ip assignments).

    3) Did you set the correct subnet mask and gateway in the configuration. Most likely they should be for the subnetmask and for the gateway unless you changed the default config for the router. Open a command box on the working desktop and type ipconfig and check what values it shows and use those values on the notebook.

    Since you say that there are different dns servers on the desktop and the laptop that leads me to believe one of two things.

    a) you have the wrong dns servers defined in the configuration,

    Open up the tcp/ip configuration and verify that the dns servers specified are the correct ones.

    b) your notebook is in fact connecting to another wireless network, not the one you're expecting it to.

    If you're router is configured with the ssid of linksys, change it to something else to ensure you are in fact connecting to the expected AP.

    Because you cannot use the DHCP server only for the DNS information when you specify static IP, I use a third party firmware on the router and something called static DHCP. Static DHCP means that you configure the clients to use DHCP and the DHCP server will reserve a ip for a specific computer based on the MAC ID. I specifically do this because for a while my isp was changing around the dns servers and every couple days I'd have to run around and reconfigure all the static IP machines. With static DHCP all I have to do is have the user reboot the computer and it will pick up the newer DNS settings. I don't recommend using a third party firmware unless you're willing to endure some possible problems until you get your setup stable.
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