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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Mp3ao, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. Mp3ao

    Mp3ao Guest

    Hi folks,
    this is my first message here.

    Would anybody help in understanding what I exactly need to expand a WLAN managed at present by a WRT54GL router?
    I need to catch a stronger signal from the apartment above, to access the internet AND the whole LAN, especially the LAN printers.

    Can someone give me a hint? thanks a lot.
  2. katebush

    katebush LI Guru Member

    1. Try to locate the router in a place where you get a fair signal anywhere required.
    2. Get another AP/WLAN router, disable its router function (make it a switch) and connect it with a network cable to the first router (assuming you can get the cable through the ceiling)
    3. Use WDS with two wireless routers (need to have fair wireless signal between them).
    4. Try replacing the antennas with range extending antennas (it doesn't always really improve anything)

    Good luck.
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