Need to get Win XP Home to remember net passwords

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by pandora, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. pandora

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    For years, I've used various network file sharing applications in my home. Every user on our LAN has full access, and there hasn't been a problem. We are one family, and our LAN is relatively well locked down.

    I purchased a Linksys NAS200, and would like to have a bit more security as my kids are slowly entering their teen years. The NAS200 lets me define individual user accounts with passwords. I would like to move in this direction.

    My problem centers around Windows XP Home and its inability to remember passwords (credentials?) across boots. Currently most of our PC's are Windows XP Home, one is Vista Home. Every time I create a network file share using Windows net use from the command screen, a link with /savecred and /persistent is created, but the network login / link fails on the next boot. The error reported is invalid sign on, Windows XP Home remembers the user but not the password.

    I tried to use some software Linksys offered to create network links. It had about the same effect as net use from the command line.

    I've read that a few users have resorted to setting up net gen commands in Windows / DOS batch files which are executed at Windows boot. This seems like a bit of a kludge, but if necessary, I'll do it.

    Does anyone know how to get Windows XP Home to remember user / password network links across boots so they can auto-reconnect? Somewhere within the Samba community this must have come up before and been resolved.

    Recently I updated the adult PC's and laptops to use fingerprint scanners to log on. We have instituted better security on our desktops and laptops. What I'm trying to do now is to implement an improvement on our network file device.
  2. Disman_ca

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    I don't have a NAS2000 but I'll try and help anyway. Are the computer user account names the same as the ones you are trying to setup on the NAS2000? Do they match paswords as well? Your problem is more related to how Windows tries to connect to the share. If I'm logged in as UserX, then when I try and connect to a share it will pass UserX as the name. It is well known for Windows XP not to store user accounts/password for a network share. I match my user account and password I am using on the computer to the same user account and password on my NSLU and it works for me.
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