Need YOUR help in convcing me to buy a LinkSYS router;)

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Horze, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. Horze

    Horze Network Guru Member

    For starters....
    Nice site.. Well Done:)

    time has come to throw out the "10 speed hub" and get the wireless router
    After many days of researching i have finally narrowed the search down of brands and models

    Linksys wrt54G
    Netgear WGT624

    Im trying to work out which i want..
    I was originally going to get the Netgear one only because its 108 speed. and only 10 AUD dollars more (which is virtually nothing)
    And then get the WG511T which is the 108 adaptor for it..
    But a guy (who told me about this site) told me.. get the sys one becaause u can flash it to be 108speed.

    A couple questions about it
    1.Does it void your warranty?
    2. Is it safe... example overclocking can and will shorten the life of a cpu.
    3. Why didint SYS release a 108 router..
    4. If the firmware works great.. why didint SYS release a firmware for this router to go to 108.. that would be great business woudlnt it?
    5. Would the LINKsys WMP54g card work to 108 speed (basically a firmware for this card aswell?)
    6. If not... would it work 100% with the netgear WG511T card at 108 speed. just as good as a REAL 108 router (Netgear WGT624)

    Honustly.. i want the Linksys.. as i know its a part of cisqo and thats good shit..
    but also bit on the doubt side about the whole thing.. Ive never liked overclocking.. and thats what it feels like:/

    In Advance VERY MUCH appreciated for the answers of you "experts"

    Charlie (australia)
  2. Horze

    Horze Network Guru Member

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