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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by pass_w90, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. pass_w90

    pass_w90 LI Guru Member

    Hi all,

    I installed Tomato 1.13 in a brand new WRT54GL I bought few weeks ago. I live in a university residence where we can access University AP's.

    I loss connection frequently on my wireless access using the Tomato firmware as a "wireless client" mode because I receive three wireless signals with similar reception quality (RSSI) with the same SSID, channel and access key, so, symptoms are lost e-mails when sending or disrupted navigation.

    My question is; How can I fix one of these three signals with the same SSID and wireless KEY as a fixed connected spot?. My room mate use a Conceptronic router and she did by connecting to one of these hot spot by their MAC Address, the problem was solved. This option is not available on Linksys stock firmware, neither Tomato.

    Any other firmware to calm my nervous router?. Thanks for help.
  2. Sunspark

    Sunspark LI Guru Member

    I've never tried but this might work..

    From looking at 'wireless survey' it displays the MAC #s of various routers in the area.

    Then in wireless settings, both 'Access Point + WDS' and 'WDS' allow you to use either automatic, or type in a MAC #.

    Try those and let us know how it went.
  3. pass_w90

    pass_w90 LI Guru Member

    Thanks for your reply Sunspark, I have been reading many post from experts in the forum but this issue is not mentioned, I tried, no success, the spots are not working under WDS (I asked IT people dept. in the campus) then no spot is fixed in the WRT54GL using your suggested solution. I'm getting nervous as the router... :redface:

    How can I connect to the spot by the MAC address?.. a cheaper Conceptronic router can do it ...:eek:

  4. Sunspark

    Sunspark LI Guru Member

    You're going to have to use another firmware. I was poking around, and as far as I can see Tomato doesn't currently expect to receive multiple instances of the same entity. I did email the author about it, but who knows how long it might take for something to happen.

    In the meantime, you can try White Russian X-WRT
  5. pass_w90

    pass_w90 LI Guru Member

    Sunspark, Thanks for your support, I bought a Conceptronic router, problem solved.
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