Netgear R7000 range issue

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tschens, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. Tschens

    Tschens Networkin' Nut Member

    I recently upgraded from my Linksys WRT-54GL to the Netgear R7000. On both routers tomato is installed (Shibby K24 V124 and K26 V132, respectively).
    For me quite strange that the signal monitored with inSSIDer on my Notebook is between 5-10 dB weaker with the Netgear R7000. This is the case wherever I put the Notebook: Starting from directly near the router (approx. -38 vs -42/-45) to far distances in my garden (approx. 30 m away) or in the cellar or first floor in my house. Netgear always weaker. In walked around my house, and there is definitely not one location where the signal is at least the same. Linksys always stronger. Both routers on channel 6 at 2.4 GHz. Changing channel width - same result.

    Any ideas on that?

    Is this an issue of Tomato Shibby Firmware? Maybe it doesnt support all antennas from the Netgear?
    How can the Signal of a 10 year old router with 2 short antennas be better than a brand new one with 3 long antennas?

  2. Tschens

    Tschens Networkin' Nut Member

    Btw: Linksys at 100 mW. Netgear tested at 42, 150 and 1500 mW. No difference!
  3. Tschens

    Tschens Networkin' Nut Member

    Update: I played around with the settings "transmit power" and "Country/Region".
    I remember that after installation of the tomato firmware, transmission power was at standard value 42. I set Country to EU and realized that the range is quite poor. I tried 100, 150 and even 1500 mM (Setting "0") with no changes. Tried Region Austria, also no changes. But with Region USA, I got even with 100 mM much more Signal strength. Obviously, transmit power is limited far below 100 mM (probably fixed to above mentioned 42) when Country/Region is set to EU or Austria although in these regions 100 mM is the allowed transmit power. Seems that the transmit power/Country Region table is wrong in this tomato shibby version! With USA setting I have now +20 dB compared to my old Linksys WRT-54GL.
  4. richardsonkane

    richardsonkane New Member Member

    The point where I have shown my S4 in the open area, the 5GHZ range just vanishes in that location. Secondly the router is currently about 5 feet from the ground sitting on my PC cabinet. And Thirdly regarding obstructions, there is a Split Air Conditioner unit and its internal unit both at about 8-9 feet height on 2 different parallel walls. Also in the last half room before the S4 location in the open area is a store room full of iron boxes. Thats all with the obstructions.
  5. Sniupteral

    Sniupteral New Member Member

    I have my R7000 since almost 2 years now and i've tried almost all firmwares available to it. From my experience tomato has the worst range of them all. Stock firmware range is awesome, Xvortex firmware range is equal if not better than stock, dd-wrt is good but not excellent, Tomato has the worst especially on 5Ghz.
  6. Tschens

    Tschens Networkin' Nut Member

    Seems to be related to the Signal strength Setting for the individual countries. Maybe Shibby can check that?
  7. pegasus123

    pegasus123 Addicted to LI Member

    I can confirm setting 2.4ghz country to US fixed the issue on 2.4ghz wifi range.
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