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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by richarky, Jan 18, 2006.

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    Alright so i live in a LARGE house with about 50 computers all connected through my RV016 Router with the help of a few switches. THe problem that we have been having is that somehow computers on the network start changing their IP addresses to a address. Has anyone ever heard of this happeneing. I'm thinking that there is one computer that came back from winter break with something on it and the just proceeded to spread, but i dont want to go around and check each and every computer because that would take days. Another strange occurance is when there are computers that change over to the address, the 6 or so computers that do that can all see eachother in the work group computers page. I'm not sure if something could or did get into the router and is causing this or the computers are just messed up in the head. Any help on this is would be great. Thanks, Kyle
  2. Couledouce

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  3. cliff_hopper

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    the 169.254.x.x is usually an automatic configuration address, if your router supports static ip addresses, you should use that instead of dhcp, but it would mean changing every computer to static ip addresses.
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    Im assuming that your network is DHCP enabled and your RV016 Router is the DHCP server ...

    What probably is happenning is that someone is running a 2nd DHCP service on your network.

    Once I had a similar situation at my work .... and found that the root cause was a workstation running a VMware DHCP service ...
    Everything went back to normal after disabling it !

    If this is your case, I'm afraid you have no choice but to find wich computer is running that DHCP service and switch it off.

    Good luck.
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