Network design using 2 x RV082 and a WRT54G

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by username_taken, Aug 30, 2005.

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    At work we have 2 internet connections, a 10Mbps ethernet and a 1.5Mbps ADSL. We need to load balance these links based off either LAN IP address or TCP/UDP port. We also need VPN facilities.

    I tossed out our linux box that was acting as firewall/router and installed an RV082. Unfortunately it has issues with VPN's in load balancing mode. As I have a /29 on the 10Mbps link I put in a second RV082 connected and set it up as a VPN server.

    We're a pretty easy going company and allow staff to bring in laptops, however as we're growing the chances of a virus or other nasty being brought into our network grows. Instead of outlawing laptops I bought a WRT54G and installed the Talisman 1.0.5 firmware. I connected this to yet another IP address on the 10Mbps link.

    The WRT runs a completely seperate wireless network secured with WPA and rate limited to 256kb/s. Because the office network is behind an RV082 there is no direct connection between the two networks, this stops the creepy-crawlies from getting onto our network. However because the WRT54G and the VPN serving RV082 are on the same /29 it means a VPN connection can be set up on a laptop to connect to the office network if needed. This can be controlled and monitored by me.

    Here's a network diagram showing how it fits together :

    oh whoops I named the networks wrong they should be and
  2. 4Access

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    Nice job & documentation to match! Looks like a good solution for your needs. Well done. :thumb:
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