Network device starting/stopping crashes rv016

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by mlai, Dec 7, 2007.

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    Just discovered something very weird..... A network device attached to my Homeplug network on which a RV016 (FW2.0.17) act as the internet gateway can crash the rv016 when it turns on/off! I am baffled.....

    Here's the setup:
    Gigabit hub (Level1) connecting to a homeplug AV network (Aztech) and connecting to RV016 (acting as gateway).

    All my computers are on the gigabit network, on the homeplug network, I have 1 panasonic webcam and just added a brand new Denon AVR3808 AV Amplifier (yup, it has DLNA....). There is also a Synology DS207 acting as a Media server on the gigabit lan.....

    The Denon AVR3808 is a new addition to the network via homeplug AV so it went thru the gigabit switch and onto RV016. Everytime the AVR3808 turns on or off, approximately 45sec-1min later, the RV016 will reset itself.

    I am pretty sure it is not a problem on the homeplug network as I had webcams and occassionally laptops connected via homeplug and never had this problem before. However, the location of the amp makes direct connection the amp to the rv016 infeasible so can't really tell if the problem still occurs on a direct connection.

    Has anyone experienced a network device crashing the rv016 before? I can reproduce this everytime! Tried to have an online chat with Linksys just now and guess what! The window said that there is a problem and tells me to try later.......

    Please help!!!!
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