network drive lost while copying large amount of data

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by LarsB, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. LarsB

    LarsB Network Guru Member

    I've just got my NSLU2 from Amazon and already encountered a severe problem.
    I upgraded to firmware version V2.3R29 an have attached an 3.5" external disk case from techsolo (techsolo TMR-3550) which uses a Cypress chipset.
    In the case I use a Samsung SV1604N 160GB harddisk.

    I link the NLSU2-share as a network drive to my Windows XP system and start copying about 20GB of files from a local drive to the network drive. After copying between 2GB-4GB of data, the network-drive is lost (error from Windows Filemanager: "The network name could not be found"). The NSLU2 can still be reached via ping, the network-interface is usually, though not always, unreachable.

    The light-inidactors on the unit indicate no problems, the disk seems to be still present. The logs don't report any problems.

    I used the USB-drive before locally and didn't encounter any problems at all.

    I now have tried almost all recommendations I found in this board: removed the Master-jumper from the harddisk, plugged the USB-drive into USB-port #2. Nothing seems to solve the problem.

    Has anybody any idea what might solve the problem? Any help is welcome.
    Is the NSLU2 simply broken, is it a software-bug or might the USB-case incompatible?
  2. Scout12563

    Scout12563 Network Guru Member

    I had a problem moving large files with when I first purchased the storage device. The firmware resolved the issue and I no longer get that message. I would reload the firmware, stop the link, restart it and try again. It just might work.
  3. LarsB

    LarsB Network Guru Member

    I managed to solve the problem in my environment too. I had an Typhoon WLAN Accesspoint (Model 70062C, Windows XP displays it as a CirrusLogic Accesspoint) connected to one of my switches. As it seems, the accesspoint has been disturbing the data-transfer to the NSLU, but how to me is still unclear (I had no WLAN-clients connected to the accesspoint and since it can only be configured via a USB-connection I don't see why it should cause any network-trafic which could make the NSLU hang-up).
    Since I have disconnected the accesspoint from the LAN copying large data (eg. 20GB) works without any problems, in both directions.

    The NSLU has only hung-up once since than and the cause probably was some kind of software-error since the unit could not even be restarted via the power-button. I had to disconnect the power-supply to get it booting again.
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