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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by grandad, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. grandad

    grandad Network Guru Member

    Please forgive me for asking what may appear to be pretty basic to some members of this forum but to a newbie its not. I have just purchased a wrt54g wireless router and a wpc54g notebook adapter which I have connected to a laptop. At present my p.c. is connected to the router via an ethernet cable and I want to be able to use the laptop in a different part of the house. both computers have internet connection at the moment but it would be an advantage to be able to use the printer connected to the p.c. by either computer and if possible to access either comp. from the other.
    I would appreciate any assistance offered but please keep as simple as possible as I'm no expert.
    P.S. Both machines have windows xp sp2 installed.
  2. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

    Please look up past discussions on the topic of File and Printer sharing.
  3. cromrell

    cromrell Network Guru Member

    WinXP -sharing a printer over a network

    1) check that PC & laptop are in the same "WorkGroup". & have different 'names' - Otherwise they will not see eachother
    right click My Computer
    Computer Name

    2) Configure PC printer for Sharing
    goto 'Printers & Faxes'
    right click your printer & select 'Sharing'
    Enable Sharing & Type in 'Share Name'
    -Both systems are WinXP_SP2, so you don't need additonal drivers

    3) Setup 'network' Printer on other machine (laptop)
    goto 'Printers & Faxes'
    select 'Add a Printer'
    select 'A network printer'
    select 'Browse for a priniter'
    you should now be able to see the PC & Expand it (+) to see the available printers.
    Enable as Default.... You should be done -try a test page.

    You can share hard-drive in similar method -right click a folder on PC, and select 'Sharing'....
  4. grandad

    grandad Network Guru Member

    Thanks cromrell,
    I must admit I failed to see a reply button for which I apologise, but as I am in my 70th year understanding modern technology does'nt come quite so easy.
    thanks for your patience,
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