network is detected but linkage is zero

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Shirvind, Jun 30, 2005.

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    Hi all. this is my first post. im a newbie and i've a question. several actually. i am trying to connect a desktop to an existing wireless system at home. currently, there's only a laptop which is using a linksys BEFW11S4 wireless broadband router.

    this is the situation. the laptop and its owner are now travelling in overseas. i've bought a belkin usb wireless G network adapter and tried connecting it to the network. the router is operational. the led for internet connection is blinking. i've managed to set it up fairly easily. although the signal is at 70%, i have zero connectivity. i thought it was the new adapter which was faulty.

    i obtained a network cable and tried connecting the desktop to the router manually. i've done some reading and have changed the TCP/IP settings to obtain the IP and DNS automatically. but, that failed to get me a connection either. wat i mean is i am detecting the network, but cant connect to it.

    i did a ping, which failed naturally. an ipconfig/all revealed that my network adapter has obtained a IP address but the DNS row was empty. this is using the cable with a physical connection.

    If i use the wireless adapter, under the TCP/IP settings, i can set it to obtain IP automatically but i cant get it to obtain the DNS automatically. that option has been grayed out, like im not eligible for that option. i am the sole user of my XP SP2 PRO desktop pc, and the default administrator.

    i have been told that its possible the isp has issued a mac address to the adapter and that i have to obtain that address. if that is true, how do i do it and how do i change the mac address of my adapter eventually?

    i could use some serious help. i've spent 6 days online, 8 to 5, trying to get a solution. im stumped. any positive feedback would be much welcomed. thanks guys.
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