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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by thaiiceland, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. thaiiceland

    thaiiceland Network Guru Member

    I have a new Laser network printer (Samsung SCX-5635FN) and I did wire connect it to my router (WAG200G) but it seems to not get any connection. I have tried both using DHCP and static IP address without any connection. I don't know if the problem is with the printer or with the router. I have have a D-link wireless print server with LAN port and if I plug the printer to the LAN port of the print server I will see the green light for the LAN light up for a moment on the Print Server and I will see yellow light on the LAN port of the printer. But I will not get any connection to the printer (not able to ping the printer). If I plug the cable from the printer to one of the LAN port of the Linksys router I will not get any light for that port of the router and I will only have one steady green light on the LAN port of the printer but the other light (that light up yellow when plugged to the D-Link print server) will not light up. Because of this I think it can might as well be the router problem (don't know). I need the printer to be networked and I don't want it plugged using one of the USB-port on the D-link print server (I hate that D-link print server it was suppose to be for multifunction printer but the multifunction only works with few models of HP printers and they have new firmware already for more than year for USA models but still not for the Asia models. sorry for complaining here but I really hate that Print Server).
    Thanks someone
  2. thaiiceland

    thaiiceland Network Guru Member

    After 3 days without no connectivity suddenly I saw the green light on my router for the LAN port. I don't what happened I didn't make any change on anything since yesterday so I don't know why suddenly the printer got on-line. But of course I am happy that seems that problem fixed by it self (even I don't understand it). But if and until there will be some problem again I just say it is ok now.
  3. TVTV

    TVTV LI Guru Member

    That is my kind of problem! One that solves itself. :D
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