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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 2001rotax800, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. 2001rotax800

    2001rotax800 LI Guru Member

    Please bare with me as I am a newbe and I am trying to read all I can before posting questions.
    Here is my situation

    My neighbor and I want to share my High speed cable internet. I already have a home network consisting of a desktop with a wireless adapter, a laptop with a wireless PCI card and a wrt54g v2. I have installed 7db antennas and now have ok signal strength across the street. He is also going to be using wireless adapters on his laptop and desktop. I am going to try thibor 15c and increase my signal output and see if that helps. If not here is my idea, please let me know if you have a better one. If I am not happy with the signal across the street I am going to get another wrt54g and use it as a repeater(?) to talk to wrt54g conected to the cable modem. I beleive what I will be doing is using my wrt54g v2 as an access point, for the other wrt54g across the street to access. From what I have read the stock firmware from linksys does not allow the wrt54g v2 to be used as an acess point. Which will require me install thibor 15c on the v2.

    Does all this make sense?
    What will the setting's need to be on each of the wrt54g's
  2. sanfhearthainn

    sanfhearthainn LI Guru Member

    If you're going to go buy another WRT54G I'd suggest ponying the cash out for a 802.11n model. It'll give you that extra boost. You could stick with your current plan and boot thibor onto your WRT54G v2, but I personally use DD-WRT and it seems to work rather well. It's also a snap to use. v2's are rather easy to flash as well, so it shouldn't be a big issue on that end.

    Also if you want to go the extra mile, you could go with a couple 10/11Dpi gain antennas. This will also boost your gain on the WRT54G just that extra little bit, but I'd try the basic 802.11n and WRT54G combo first.

    Just my 2 cents.
  3. 2001rotax800

    2001rotax800 LI Guru Member

    So I would use the n router accross the street in it's origional firmware, and run my wrt54g v2 with 3rd party firmware, inoreder to use it as an access point?
  4. 2001rotax800

    2001rotax800 LI Guru Member

    Will the N model router get a better signal that the pci card in the laptop. The signal barely reaches his garage door, and once inside the house the signal is lost. The house is not far away either. Thanks for your input.
  5. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    With regard to signal strength and transmitting/receiving:
    Wireless is a 2-way street: Signal from an AP must get to a client (a PC with wireless adapter), and signal from that wireless adapter must get to the AP. Antennas, and whether the 2 wireless points trying to communicate can "see" each other, is key. Transmit power alone does not make a big difference. See

    As for "Draft-N" devices:
    The draft-N stuff usually increases both range and signal strength to/from a normal G device such as your WRT. (This is even more pronounced when you have 2 N devices communicating.)

    As for your across-the-street link, which I take is about 150 feet/50m: Many ways in which this can be addressed:

    1.1) If neighbor gets an N-adapter, he may be able to Rx/Tx directly to you WRT - no additional devices necessary, but N-devices are rather expensive.

    1.2) If neighbor gets a G-adapter, but put stronger antenna(s) on he may be able to Rx/Tx directly to you WRT. If you also add stronger antennas to your WRT, the signal should be even better.

    1.3) If you can position your WRT so it "looks" through a window to neighbor, and neigbor's wireless adapter "looks" through a window at your WRT, you may get good signal with normal antennas.

    If the "direct AP-to-adapter links" mentioned in (1) above don't work, you can look at getting an additional WRT (make sure you get a WRT54GL if you do), to serve as a repeater of sorts. In this scenario there are several possibilities.

    2.1) If neighbor can run network cable (UTP) from a window to his PC, he will need only a normal network card in his PC, connected to a WRT looking out a window to your WRT, and neigbor's WRT set up as a "Client Bridge" or "Wireless Ethernet Bridge", aka WET. No changes on your WRT, but 3rd party firmware needed on neighborWRT:

    2.2) If neigbor needs wireless to get to his PC(s): Set up your WRT as "AP+WDS", and neighbor's WRT also as "AP+WDS", and have the 2 WRTs "looking" at each other if possible. NeighborWRT only needs power, no network cable connections, like this (3rd party firmware need on both WRTs):

    In (2), if necessary, you can of course boost the Tx signals of the 2 WRTs, which might help a little, and/or you can add stronger antennas on the 2 WRTs, which will definitely help.
    I'm not too familiar with the 3rd party firmware possibilities on Draft-N routers such as the WRT300N etc., but if an N-device is one or both of the devices in (2), the signal should even be better.

    One last tip: If you are looking at stronger antennas, search this forum for which parameters/things to look at in those antennas. Some forum members have had bad experiences with "stronger" antennas.
  6. 2001rotax800

    2001rotax800 LI Guru Member

    Thank you for such a detailed response. I am trying to spend as little $as possible, but still want good results.

    Here is my plan as of now. I am going to step up and buy a 15db omni antena instead of a sector antenna. This will be usefull if any other neigbors want to get in on it, that way it is 360 degrees. Then I will configure, wrt54gl, as AP+WDS in each of there houses, and repeat the signal. these will look at my wrt54g which has the omni antenna.
    Sound good?
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