Network will not connect to internet

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by frustratednewbie, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. OK, I've been reading through most of the topics in this forum, and I've been all over the internet, looking for a definite solution to this problem. So far, I've been completely unable to find one, and I didn't call tech support because the last time I did that, all they did was point the finger at each others' products.

    I'm on a wired router, and I just recently got a new laptop, and the desktop, which I'm on right now. Both use the Windows XP OS.

    The problem is that I am able to access the internet on the desktop, but only as long as it is connected directly to the cable modem. However, I can't connect that way through my laptop (I don't even know if it's correctly configured!) and I cannot connect to the internet through the router at all. The local network is just fine - I am able to transfer files back and forth between the two computers, it's just that I can't access the internet.

    When I do try to connect through a program, MSN Messenger for example, it tells me that my IP address appears unable to resolve the DNS server. I've tried letting it configure automatically, and I've tried manually configuring it. Both times, I pinged every address shown to me (the default gateway, the other computer) and it came up fine, but I was still unable to connect.

    Hopefully you guys can understand my rambling, it's just that I'm just about out of patience.

    EDIT: OK, it's not a DNS error - but I can't seem to clear the ARP cache, on either computer. Anyone know what to do about that?
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