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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by harcourt, Aug 31, 2005.

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    I bought a Linksys WRT54G from Best Buy so my wife's laptop could access the Internet and share files through my desktop. Seemed simple enough.
    After three 8-hour days, re-configuring my system and reading every knowledge base Windows, Dell and Linksys had to offer, I got it to work. At least connecting to the Internet. File and printer sharing was something else. Linksys tech support takes the attitude that if you can reach the Internet, everything is OK. It doesn't matter if you can't share files and printers.
    Finally, I made it happen, probably by accident. That was Monday night. Tuesday morning, the laptop couldn't find the files or the servers or anything else. Wed. night I got file sharing again -- by the simple expedient of moving the laptop into the same room with the desk top. This router is a wimp! However, the next morning even that wouldn't work. I'm still putting in 8-hour days and I refuse to call the Geek squad and pay what it cost for the router just to get it to work.
    I didn't just fall off the turnip truck. I got my first Kaypro in 1984. But this "simple" networking problem is a doozy.....
  2. Anonymous

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    Network setup

    Make sure you have your firewall turned off "Zone Alarm,ect."on your pc's, do a home network setup in xp on both machines, that will enable file and print sharing if it is not setup already. Don't worry about the firewall settings on your router. Make sure to check and see if File and Printer sharing for microsoft networks has a check in it in "Local Area Connection Properties".
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