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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by dixonbm, May 27, 2005.

  1. dixonbm

    dixonbm Network Guru Member

    My neighbors and I have begun a project to wirelessly network our homes together.

    Our Purpose:

    -Control the numerous WiFi devices that are jamming the neighborhood airways. Currently I can pick up 5 other networks from my home.
    -Have the ability to file share
    -Play LAN games togeteher

    How will we accomplish this?

    So long as everyone is using the same Broadcom chip equipped routers, I believe we will be ok. Currently there are 7 homes participating. We all have linksys wireless G routers.

    The plan is to connect each router together via WDS.
    -The routers IPs will begin with , , and so on.
    -We can either set up individual devices with static IPs or we could have each router distributing a range of IPs (i.e. house A gets -, house B gets x.x.1.111 to x.x.1.120, and so on)

    What do you all think of this set up? Will having all of these routers connected WDS on the same channel limit the interference we are currently experiencing or will it exacerbate the problem.

    On a second note some houses will share a connection. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.
  2. matthiaz

    matthiaz Network Guru Member

    If you want to easily access other SMB shares do a distributing of a range of IPs. Otherwise, use different open IP area.

    But if you're using WDS i am not quite sure you'll still be able to use your own internet connection. I just have on router, so ain't asking me, dude... Get someone else answering that!
  3. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    i dont think that wds is the way to go. but what you want to do sound like wds will do. but for each client in wds will face a cut in bandwidth.
  4. littlewhoo

    littlewhoo Network Guru Member

    The problem with wds is, that all nodes have to be on the same channel. And, as jagboy already wrote, it will cut bandwith in half for every additional node in a wds chain.
    If 7 homes are participating, I would go for a setup with 3 wds chains on different channels and two additional routers connected to each wds chain.
    Something like this:

    WRT1............WRT4............WRT5 (chain 1 on channel 1)
    WRT2............WRT6............WRT7 (chain 2 on channel 6)
    WRT3............WRT8............WRT9 (chain 3 on channel 11)

    --- wired connection
    .... wireless connection

    WRT1-3 will be placed in your house and WRT4-9 in the houses of your 6 neighbours, who want to participate in this project.

    This way each node will have a much higher average bandwidth to each other node. Or at least two wds chains on different channels with 3 additional routers connected to each chain.

    But the best solution would be to use a real wireles mesh network with OLSR type routing. With a mesh enabled firmware, everyone would just have to set his wrt54g to mesh mode, and the routers/mesh routing algorithms would automatically figure out based on the signal strength of the other nodes and the network load, how to connect to each other to get the best results.

    Afaik the Freifunk firmware is a mesh firmware for the wrt54g. But I'm not using it myself, so I can't tell you more about it.

    Sveasoft is planning to release a mesh version of Talisman. But at the current development speed, I would be surprised to see it released in 2005.
  5. dixonbm

    dixonbm Network Guru Member

    Thank you for your respones and suggestions

    Littlewhoo, can you go into more detail about mesh mode? How exactly does it work? Would it work with multiple internet connections or are we working from one?

  6. dixonbm

    dixonbm Network Guru Member

    Can you explain this further? Do you mean DHCP? Would that be one router assigning IPs or multiple routers assigning IPs....if so how would we share across subnets?
  7. cr8zy07

    cr8zy07 Network Guru Member

    well yes u would be useing one connetion if u did it that way...what is the whole point of WDS or "bridging" thats what it is yes when u bridge ALL those routers together u would be using the one internet line out on the Main router...the one conected to the internet....are ur neighbors connect to u to get to the internet??...but if u want to do file sharing or LAN games...i would set up a sever and put it on WRT54GS router and have ever1 connect into that using APs and then that would give u the file sharing and the LAN games...and if u wanted to u could have the internet going through the file sever and use that as ur connection to the internet...well i hope this helps u
    IM me if u have ne more ?s...
  8. cr8zy07

    cr8zy07 Network Guru Member

    another thing is do u live in a townhouse or a built home, trailer...bc that would also have to be able to do the connections...bc under the right conditions u could just have a 16 port router and run wires to each house and do it that way...thats y i ask
  9. dixonbm

    dixonbm Network Guru Member

    This seems like a good idea but i've found that bandwidth may be an issue, especially with signal strength being an issue.

    I live in a house in a new subdivision. The houses are probably 100-300 feet apart. Wiring everyone is not an option. We would like to share an internet connection, but I am especially worried about bandwidth. I and a neighbor both have Vonage. When I first moved in I could get as far as 100 yards from my house and still be connected online. But now there are 5 Wireless access points available to me from my own home, and now I have trouble getting a connection in my Kitchen without the Airport Express I set up via WDS.

    If you have better suggestions in regard as to how we should manage the neighborhood wireless issue please let me know.
  10. cr8zy07

    cr8zy07 Network Guru Member

    ok then what i would do is get the WRT54GS it has 54mpbs speed on line of site up to 300yds trust me on this....and WDS them together...but u will lose bandwith like i think the best this to do is split up the network into 2 outside connection 1 on the one end and one on the other...but have have the IPs set to the same network and put WEP on them all and MACs as well and that should do the trick....but make sure they are all on diff channels then that should clear up ur skys lol
  11. dixonbm

    dixonbm Network Guru Member

    We already have 3 WRT54G's and 3 WAP54G's. I know the WRT54GS is supposed to be faster some how. Is there really that much of a difference. By the way we were going to put the access points in each house that needed wireless, thinking that would decrease the drag on the WRT54G's connecting the network together.

    So IP x.x.1.100 - x.x.1.110 would be on cable modem A -> WRT54G

    And IP x.x.1.111 - x.x.1.120 would be on cable modem B -> WRT54G

    and so on?
  12. cr8zy07

    cr8zy07 Network Guru Member

    well u have the right idea but u would need to have them on 192.168.8.xx the first 3 bits need to be the same and yeah that should work out for ya ok
    there really isnt that much of a diff but i wanted the GS so i bought it lol
    as for the access points that wouldnt have ne affect on it what so tell u the truth know that i think about it i would just have 2 WRT54G WDS together and split up the APs so that 3 on one router and 3 on another and ull still have the same speed...well u should have the same speed... if u put it on a Class B IP ur idea of the IP above will work just fine...
    email or IM me if u have ne more questions
  13. dixonbm

    dixonbm Network Guru Member

    IM between dixonbm and Cr8zy07

    2:12:56 PM dixonbm: is our assumption that having the accesspoints wired to the WRT54G's help with the bandwidth issue between a remote WRT54G and the one connected directly to the cable modem

    2:13:16 PM dixonbm: is it correct

    2:14:06 PM aasniper07: that "SHOULD" theroy i havent heard it beening done i would try it out and leave some feedback on it...
  14. gotamd

    gotamd Network Guru Member

    The following is just a joke:

    You could wrap your house in aluminum foil. That'd keep out the other wireless signals :lol:
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