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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by simdog, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. simdog

    simdog Guest

    Is it possible to get a WAP11 to talk to a WAG54G . I can't seem to find an option to get these two talking.

    Linksys say it is not possible . I can't understand why they are producing products that are incompatible with each other.

    If this is the case then it will be the last time I buy anything from this company

    thanks in advance
  2. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    It's not really a case of them not being compatible, it's more to do with them not being designed to be used in that way. Basically a WAP is a wireless to Ethernet bridge, what you want is a wireless to wireless bridge. There are some WAP's and routers that support WDS, (Wireless Distribution System), this allows it to act as both a wireless to ethernet and wireless to wireless bridge. Sadly manufacturers seem quite slow in adopting this standard.
  3. komUnec8

    komUnec8 Network Guru Member

    Don't know about the WAP11, but I notice that the WAG54G firmware version 1.02.5, just released, now has support for WDS (goto the Wireless/WDS Settings tab) !
  4. tgeezer

    tgeezer Network Guru Member

    WAP11 and WRT54G

    A WAP11 can only communicate with another WAP11. I've been in touch with LINKSYS for many hours concerning this BUT A WET11 communicates nicely with DLINK, SMC, AND WRT54G. My setup is as follows, Wirespeed ADSL modem, SMC Barricade router (as main network for my house with one wired and 3 wireless computers) WRT54G connected to the Barricade to extend and create a separate network (with internet access) for a house down the street. In that house is a WET11 wired to a desktop comp. with 2 wireless laptops. All have internet access, none have a clear line of sight. I've also tried it with the DLINK in place of the SMC but the latter had a stronger signal. NOTE: LINKSYS says the WAP11 will not even communicate with other access points and wireless bridges INCLUDING their own! I have tried.
  5. raster

    raster Network Guru Member

    Re: WAP11 and WRT54G

    While this sounds a bit frustrating, I think it will work for my situation. I have a Linksys router in the basement, and an office on the second story. I want to plug one WAP11 into the Linksys router, and one into the computer on the second floor. Will this work? The two WAP11's will talk to each other and connect to the router, correct?

    Also, can I plug a computer directly into the WAP11, or does it need a hub/switch, or crossover cable to work?
  6. tgeezer

    tgeezer Network Guru Member


    you can connect them like that but why get 2 wap11's when you can get 1 wet11, connect the 1 comp. to it. It will communicate with the LINKSYS router out of the box. This is how I have my secondary network hooked up. Also the wet11 is more flexable as far as configuration and not as tempermental as the wap11.
  7. raster

    raster Network Guru Member

    My current Linksys router is the BEFSR41, which does not have wifi, so I currently have no wireless gear. I thought about getting the WET11, but just from checking out ebay, I thought I could get 2 WAP11's cheaper than a WET11 and a new wifi router to replace my BEFSR41. (I'm mainly looking for a cost effective way to do this.)[/url]
  8. tgeezer

    tgeezer Network Guru Member


    Now I understand why you are refering to the WAP11. You can hookup your equipment in the way you discribed but remember LINKSYS told me that the WAP11 is very picky when it comes to communicating with routers EVEN THEIR OWN! Expect to spend lots of time with tech support if it does not work according to their own instructions. I have no experience with the router you mentioned but since you are thinking about replacing your router I think you should get a WRT54G and a WET11. The price of the WRT has dropped considerably since they came out with many models of new equipment (I got one for 38.00 off EBAY) and it is fully upgradable with lots of firmware to chose from. I think you could get it even cheaper now. You could even use your old router to extend your network, like I did. I got the WET11 because LINKSYS tech support told me the WAP11 would only communicate with another WAP11, I didn't want to buy a product that would force me to buy a duplicate of what I had ( not only that, it would ONLY work in that fashion) tech support suggested I get a WET11. I looked at one in a couple of stores and it cost as much as 89.00 ( for a unit as small as a deck of cards). I got one off EBAY for 40.00. I was skeptical at first but was pleasently supprised and happy with its performance. I was also able to use the WET11 with other manufacturers equipment (tech support told me it wouldn't work, but it did, the WAP11 absolutely would not work) heck, I might just get another WET11 for the hell of it because I'm so happy with the one I got :) Yes, the WAP11 is cheaper but "you get what you pay for" This is my opinion and NO I do not work for LINKSYS.
  9. raster

    raster Network Guru Member

    Well, I've already got 1 WAP11, cost me $30, so that's not too bad I guess. I suppose at this point I'll just get another one, and try to make them work together.
  10. raster

    raster Network Guru Member

    Belkin USB adapter

    Just a followup, I connected the WAP11 to my Linksys router (BEFSR41) and it seemed to work fine. I then picked up (for $20) a Belkin 802.11b Wireless USB Network Adapter (Part #F5D6050) and that connected to the WAP11, so it all seems to be working ok now, and I've accomplished my goal.

    Thanks for all the Linksys info, it was helpful.
  11. tgeezer

    tgeezer Network Guru Member


    I'm glad everything worked out for you. As you learned, Linksys would rather tell you that their products do not work with other companies products. You got yours to work as did I. Now you can help by sharing your experience with others in your predicament. Have fun!
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