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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by gkapog, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. gkapog

    gkapog Network Guru Member

    I have a dsl connection with a cisco router having an ip
    I have an wrt54gsV4 AP with ip 10.xx.xx.1. This AP is used to connect another wrt54gsv4 as a client with ip 10.xx.xx.2.
    My problem is to forward the traffic to cisco router which is on another subnet. Do I use rip , bgp or what? What router tables I need??

    DSL--->[cisco]--cable---[wrt54gs AP] <- wireless -> [wrt54gs client]
  2. s1deout

    s1deout Network Guru Member

    I am assuming that the 2nd wrt54G has the clients behind it correct and they are on the LAN side getting a different IP address than 10.x.x.2 possibly so that is why you want to know about routing??

    So in reality this is your setup now:

    DSL - - > [Cisco / WAN - - Cisco / LAN] - - - cable - - - [WRT54G /WAN - - WRT54G / LAN/ Wireless] < - - -802.11B/G - - > [WRT54G / LAN / Wireless]

    If the WRT54G on 10.x.x.2 is just an AP and getting DHCP info from the WRT54G at 10.x.x.1 then you should not have to forward traffic or route it as it will be in the routing table already.

    The wireless resides on the LAN side of the routers. Disable DHCP on the 10.x.x.2 WRT54G and have it passed from the 1st.

    This will set the default gateway to 10.x.x.1 and then traffic will flow from the LAN side to the WAN side without issues. Assuming of course you are not subnetting and using a flat address space.

    All of the 10.x.x.x networks are using the same subnet mask correct??

    RIP and BGP are for the edge or WAN side of the network and not the LAN side which is what you are dealing with.

    Hope this helps.
  3. gkapog

    gkapog Network Guru Member

    Well let me explain more. You are correct the exact scheme is:

    DSL - - > [Cisco / WAN - - Cisco / LAN] - - - cable - - - [WRT54G /WAN - - WRT54G / LAN/ Wireless] < - - -802.11B/G - - > [WRT54G / LAN / Wireless]

    I connect the first wrt54G to the cisco through the wan interface and set it as getway enabling dhcp. The wan interface gets an ip of the network. I can access internet as well.

    I connected the second wrt54g as a client to the first. Everything ok. I can access internet from the second as well.

    I have 2 problems now:
    1) I can not forward traffic from network to the 10.x.x.x network (i think some routings tables must be added on cisco)
    2)the second wrt54gs connects on another network as a client and is connected with cable with the first.
  4. s1deout

    s1deout Network Guru Member

    Okay you will need to add some routes on the cisco to allow traffic along with some access rules as well.

    The WRT54G's routing tables should already show the routes to the Cisco router.

    Additionally you will need to put routes on the second WRT54G as well to route to the first.

    So add routes to the following devices:

    1. Cisco router - add route to reach network 192.168.x.x to use WRT54G #1
    2. WRT54G #1 - add route to reach network 192.168.x.x to use WRT54G #2
    3. WRT54G #2 - add route to send external traffic to WRT54G #1 and to reach network 10.x.x.x to use WRT54G #1
  5. gkapog

    gkapog Network Guru Member

    Sorry the #1 linksys has a local address and is connected to the wan port of the #2 linksys (client). The wan port has an ip and the local lan is set to this address also but it gets correctly ip's from the ap is connected.
    Do i Have to make them work as routers or as getways?
    How can i setup Bgp??
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