New AP, new problem.

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by PositiveG, Apr 7, 2008.

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    Hi all.

    I recently installed a Linksys AP for a friend of mine.
    His house is next to his office. He want's to setup a file share.
    Sounded easy, my first recommendation was to run a cable! Ha.

    Anyhow the install was easy, setup the IP on the AP, the default gateway, subnet mask, NTP, alls good, matches and merges into his office network, no IP conflicts.

    I can connect from his house next door (signals low, but we may move it to another wall). The problem isn't stability or signal (well we may have those later, just got this going today), the immediate problem I have is LAN access.

    The remote PC has a Linksys wireless PCI card (WMP300N), it is connecting to the AP fine (it's a WAP4400N).
    It can get a DHCP assigned address from the little SMC router/NAT/Firewall he uses.
    It can PING the default gateway on the business network that the AP touches. Can surf the Internet, etc. via wireless.
    It can even have it PING his web cam box on the local office LAN.
    The problem is, that's it, I can't PING anything else inside the network!

    He has a Vista machine on the network that he wants to connect to, can't PING that, there's a couple XP machines, can't PING those either. On occasion his XP office machine could PING his Home PC.

    The Vista Firewall is off, on both his remote PC (which connects to the AP over wireless) is also Vista Office Machine (it has it's firewall turned off too).

    There's a Symantec AV product on there so I might disable/remove that, but the Firewall "feature" of the AV is disabled too.

    Could it be related to a software Symantec Firewall junk?

    Could it be related to his Network switches he uses in his office?
    The SMC Firewall he uses is connected to a small 4 port switch, the AP and Vista office machines maybe on different switches, not sure.

    Should I put everything on one single switch to start?
    Is there something up with Vista I need to turn off?

    I probably need to provide you with more details, I was hoping that when I recommended he buy Linksys gear things would go smoothly. I have a DLINK Wireless G router at home that has worked great.
    I could loan him to try, as well as a larger 24 port switch (Nortel).

    What do you think I should try?
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