New firmware (1.00.19) for WRT54GX4 (SRX 400)??

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by roverrhubarb, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. roverrhubarb

    roverrhubarb LI Guru Member

    Several people have reported getting new firmware from the online help people at linksys for their SRX 400 Wireless routers (aka WRT54GX4).

    This is most talked about on the thread on xbox360 which apparently doesn't work well with this router.

    My own problem with this router is that it fails - needing the power cycled - after an indeterminate amount of use. I mean it totally slows down and becomes useful. Sometimes it goes for weeks, sometimes - esepcially in desktop sharing sessions - it lasts for 1/2 an hour. Sometimes cycling the power doesnt seem to help.

    Others have reported the same problem. Some have said its a memory leak in the firmware (I'm using 1.00.17 but have also used .13 and .15), manifested by negative numbers for total packets in the stats page. I haven't confirmed this. One thing's for sure - If I hadn't bought this a long way from where I'm currently using it, it would have gone back to the shop and been my last linksys purchase ever (in fact the latter is probably still true - Netgear costs marginally more and is much more reliable by all accounts).

    Anyway, I actually downloaded the .19 firmware from a rapidshare site one of the people on the xbox 360 thread put up (look at the last page of entries after searching for 360 and wrt54gx4 and you'll find it fast enough).

    I haven't tried it yet. It's not up on the linksys site yet. And I don't see any release notes for it anywhere. Right now my router is behaving itself so I'm loath to mess with it.

    Does anyone else have any more info on this?
  2. eddie11c

    eddie11c Network Guru Member

    According to Linksys support, this firmware is suppose to address this specific problem. I haven't tried it out yet, using another router(Had given up on them fixing the GX4)
  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    firmware is now in our downloads section

    Release notes:
    - Fixed Linux Kernel vulnerability
    - Fixed Multicast issue.
    - Fixed Xbox issue.
  4. roverrhubarb

    roverrhubarb LI Guru Member

    Which specific problem? Just the XBOX problem that I don't care about, or the general flakiness problem that's been driving me nuts?

    What are the multicast issue, and the linux core vulnerability?
  5. eddie11c

    eddie11c Network Guru Member

    The issue of intermitent connectivity, where you have to reboot the router to get the WLAN connection working again.
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