New firmware for RVL200 firmware v1.1.12.1.

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  1. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member


    Issues Resolved

    • Corrected the expired certificate issue with the ActiveX components of VirtualPassage.
    • Corrected a problem where Remote Management and SSL VPN cannot function properly in Router mode.
    • Corrected a problem where Port forwarding cannot be configured properly if the router's LAN IP is
    • A Port for SSL VPN can now be configured using the Web User Interface.
    • SSL VPN and Remote Management can be managed (enabled or disabled) separately.
    • Corrected the problem causing Syslog to stop working after the router has been up for a few days.
    • Now supports SNMP sysObjectID.
    • Port Forwarding supports multiple subnets. For details, please refer to Setup ->Forwarding in the Web User Interface.
    • Now supports Custom DynDNS.
    • Corrected an issue where a SNMP OID is shown incorrectly in the Default View of the SNMP tab of the Web User Interface.
    • Corrected a problem where the router password does not save correctly when the password contains the bracket characters ] or [.
    • Corrected a SIP ALG interoperability issue with SPA8000, causing errors in Network Address Translation and headers becoming distorted.
    • Corrected a SIP ALG issue with SIP re-invite.
    • Corrected a Diagnostics problem causing a Ping from a router not being able to reach the router's WAN IP.

    Limitations and Restrictions

    • When the RVL 200 is upgraded from firmware version 1.1.7 to, the SSLVPN feature needs to be enabled manually.
    • SSL VPN supports 32- and 64-bit Windows 7 using Internet Explorer only, as well as 32- and 64-bit Mac OSX 10.6 using the Firefox browser only.
    • On Windows 64-bit computers (Vista and Windows 7 Operating Systems), to use SSL VPN, users must install the C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x64),which can be downloaded at:
    • SSL VPN does not work with the Safari browser on Mac OS X 10.6. Firefox should be used as an alternative. SSL VPN does work with Firefox and Safari on Mac OS X 10.5.
    • Changing the MTU size on the Web Administration Interface has no effect on the actual MTU size used by the router.
    • If the HTTPS port number on the Firewall > General page is set to be greater than 32767, remote management and SSL VPN will not function properly.
    • To disconnect an SSL VPN tunnel when running Windows XP, please use the Disconnect option instead of the Disconnect and Uninstall. Using the Disconnect and Uninstall option will cause the tunnel to not be able to connect next time the Windows XP system attempts a connection.
    Workaround: To fix this issue, users need to manually remove the following
    files/directories from the file system of a computer running Windows XP:




    C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\WebCacheCleaner Class

    C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\XTunnelCtrl Class

    After these files/directories are removed, users can re-install the VirtualPassage components from the RVL 200 portal page.

    Release notes are available here:

    Please note. at this time of posting the firmware is available to download from however you need to register a guest account. once you have done this the firmware is listed as v1.1.12.1 but release date is 08/Aug/2007 which is a typo.
  2. brumey

    brumey LI Guru Member

    All - I was thrilled to see a firmware update for my RVL200. Seems I waited forever to get Vista compatability but then I move to Win 7 64bit. Anyways, I went through loops to download the upgrade, installed and started testing today.

    It's certainly was not seemless in setting up the client end. I had to Run IE "As administrator", I still get certificate errors even though I saved the cert to the trusted location. I then had to allow Unsigned ActiveX to download.

    Initial testing with IE (32bit) after requireing the above changes failed. I get a pop-up from the Linksys box that tells me 64bit OS not supported with 32 bit browser!

    So, I then try it with IE 8 (64bit), run as administrator, turn down the security for activx, etc) and it works.

    QUESTION for the guru's out there - Will SSL VPN on the RVL 200 only work with the 64bit IE on a 64bit Win seven box?

    I am good with it it that is what it takes but it sure would have helped having that documented in the read me or release notes.

    If my findings are correct, I hope it helps someone....
  3. ke3ju

    ke3ju Addicted to LI Member

    I had to put v1.1.7 back on...1.1.12 cut my bandwidth in half.
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