new firmware for WRTP54G 1.00.37

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by danman48, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. danman48

    danman48 Network Guru Member


    My router just reset itself with firmware version .37. My wireless is a million times better. I was sitting in the living room with 2 bars and then i lost connectivity and then it came back with 5 bars. FANTASTIC. Haven't looked at what else is new yet. But my Provisioning finally says Succeeded instead of failed!

    And it looks like they added SSH shell access. Crazy!
  2. dgalant1

    dgalant1 Network Guru Member

    Were you on .29 before? I'm about to upgrade to .29..

  3. sakaike

    sakaike Network Guru Member

    I was on the .29 firmware and was having all kinds of problems (discussed in other threads), and when I returned from vacation noticed that Vonage had pushed the .37 firmware to my box. As a result, all of my problems have disappeared, and my network is now rock solid and fast!

    I would be interested and surprised to hear of anyone who encounters problems with their service AFTER the .37 upgrade.
  4. efenili

    efenili Guest

    Do you have to have you vonage service running as well as the .29 upgrade before that happens??

    I just purchased this router today and order vonage just a few days ago and have not used either. I can't connect to the internet at all using this router at the moment and read a lot of horror stories. Do I have to wait for my vonage "package" to come before I can do this upgrade??

  5. danman48

    danman48 Network Guru Member

    been using now for a week


    I'm still having some wireless problems...not getting a good connection on some products.

    Netgear WG121 and Linksys wusb54g, but my Intel 2200BG works fine.

    Also my DHCP Table of clients is always blank as are the IPs and Names of my attached wireless devices all I get are MAC addresses.

    Is anyone else having this problem 1.00.37 still.

  6. dgalant1

    dgalant1 Network Guru Member

    Re: been using now for a week

    Yup, mine upgraded itself to .37 last night.. I'm still getting a 1 second delay before I get a dialtone.. Is that normal?

    Vongage uses ports 5060-5061 right? I'm setting up QOS
  7. munky

    munky Network Guru Member

    Anoyne else notice that they're intermittently dropped from their WRTP54G after Vonage pushed the .37 firmware down? Wireless was rock solid until I lost wireless connectivity for about 5 mins - which I suspect is when they pushed the firmware down.

    Since then, I'll loose connectivity on my laptop for a second or two every so often. Creates havoc with my VPN connection, obviously. Just looking to see if I'm the "lucky" one here or if there are others suffering from the same plight.

  8. joeyjojojr

    joeyjojojr Guest

    I have Veo Observer network webcam that I was forwarding ports 80 and 1600 on the router. It was working fine with the 1.00.29 firmware, but with the 1.00.37 firmware I can no longer connect to it. Anyone else having port forwarding issues with 1.00.37?
  9. Mufasa

    Mufasa Network Guru Member

    Re: been using now for a week

    Well for me, I was getting about 2 second silence delay with my out of the box .20 firmware. I downloaded and installed the .37 firmware and after I saw the upgrade took--power cycled. I've got no more delay so I can finally use the memory dial on my phone and the dial and then send that waits until you hit send before it sends the tones. Whoo hoo!

    Sadly the other thing I was hoping it would fix, DDNS updates with didn't get much better. Now it actually does an update, but it must be hooked to the wrong interface or be static as my host was updated with (which ironically isn't the routers IP nor any IPs on my network). Maybe my non-default IPs (I've setup my router as are confusing the DYNDNS updates. I know they sure confused the firmware upgrade. Had to do it twice. It took when I reset to factory defaults.
  10. Re: been using now for a week

    I was reading in the Vonage ToS that factory-resetting was a violation unless you have premission...
  11. Mufasa

    Mufasa Network Guru Member

    Re: been using now for a week

    I'm getting the impression there are two levels of resetting and would only think that one would be an issue. Here are some quotes from the WRTP54G manual:

    So the distinction is one area is protected and restricted, the other being a customer useable feature (the reset button).

    In my case, I used the button because the web UI was completely inaccessable with factory default static IPs, my static IPs or getting an IP via DHCP. I'm sure the button is just as applicable for a person with a recently reset PPPoE password at the ISP side that no longer matches what is in the router and they can't remember the user name and password to the router... Its the web based reset (which I would speculate resets the voice settings in addition to the customer facing features) I think they are worried about.

    And for kicks and giggles... A quote from the TOS:

    If we read this literally, a Vonage techinical support representitive instructing you to perform one or both (depending which were intended by the statement) actions over the phone would be instructing you to violate the TOS as they did not provide prior written consent. :lol:

    This sounds about as fun as a PC Manufacturer's techinical support instructing you to open a case that clearly has a seal that says warranty void when seal is broken. Always loved those stickers. A good way to keep spooked people from upgrading their systems and just buying new ones instead.
  12. mrparsons

    mrparsons Guest

    Re: been using now for a week

    I am having the smae DHCP table problem. All works fine, but can't see the IP assignments.

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