New Firmware for WRV200

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by dudeinauckland, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. dudeinauckland

    dudeinauckland LI Guru Member

    Hiya all,
    We are running a WRV200 with 1.0.29 firmware. Its OKish... I still have to power cycle the router every day or two, and outbound FTP is still dodgy (at best).

    Is there a newer version of the firmware on the horizon?

  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    We've been told to expect something within the near future. I generally power cycle my wrv200 every three days (basically when I know it's about to drop) and everything is fine.

  3. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    I found an easy fix,

    I boxed mine up and put it in a happy place until a better firmware comes along. To tell you the truth i am much happier now cause my connections dont die periodically and i rarely have to powercycle anything anymore. :)
  4. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

  5. dudeinauckland

    dudeinauckland LI Guru Member

    Oh if only!! :). However, this is the router for our small business, and I'm not going to go out and buy another to make up for its craptitude!

    I am astounded that a company with a reputation for good products (namely both Linksys and Cisco) ever allowed the WRV200 out onto the street.

    I've used many of the WRT series over the years, and even an RV016. They have been great performers!

    I have to say (and I don't know if any Linksys staffers read this) but my faith in Linksys has been somewhat shaken.

    Ah well... I wait in hope :)


  6. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Yes I know the frustration and all kidding aside I have faith that a good firmware will eventually come out, and to tell you the truth if you stay away from ftp .29 is a great firmware. However if you use ftp alot and you know that you have to reboot it every couple of days, do as doclarge suggested and just reboot it at the end of each day as you would your computers. Not a great bandaid but one nevertheless that will suffice until something better comes along. On a side note I have had great success with cisco, netscreen and checkpoint (all been up for months with no issues), and just about anything that is 3rd-party capable by linksys. Namely Hyperwrt+thibor and tomato, i have another device on the way to get dd-wrt on and hopefully ill have an asa 5505 soon to hammer on as Eric seems to love it. If your buisness is dependent on up time then please do yourself a favor and get something that is more reliable, then you can use the fix i mentioned until its time comes.
  7. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Here, here, I say, in agreeance...

    in the end, what needs to realized is that this is still a SOHO router; the cost versus the "potential" performance of the WRV200 is phenomenal. All the boys back at the factory have to do is hit the high note "just right" and people will be in the stores buying this thing...

  8. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to the real world ;) nothing is that simple. I would have thought you may have learnt one of the main issues here. those guys are only paid from the neck downwards :)
  9. dudeinauckland

    dudeinauckland LI Guru Member

    I have to disagree with your statement. I purchased this router because it is marketed as a business grade product (and after my experience of the RV016 I had no reason to assume the WRV200 would be any less fantastic).

    I would like to direct your attention to a link on the linksys website

    Now, two interesting points here. Firstly, to quote some of the linksys text
    Now despite the marginal writing here (not that I claim to be perfect), it does clearly state this section is a small business range of products, not SOHO products.

    Secondly. The WRV200 is featured as the thumbnail image as Router/VPN solutions section.

    Now, I do agree that once they get the firmware sorted it will be a fantastic product (mmm.. shiny, with nice LEDs... mmm :) ), but to let them off the hook because it is supposedly a 'soho' product doesn't wash one little bit with me.

    Anyway LOL - Rant mode off


  10. ccbadd

    ccbadd Network Guru Member

    I put an RLV200 in place of one of my WRV200's and I really like it. The beta firmwares seem to have a port forwarding bug, but I have not seen it. I hope a good WRV200 firmware is available soon though, as it is half as much as a RVL200.
  11. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member


    while I understand your viewpoint, a real business class router wouldn't need this much work (IMO).

    I had "the exact" same view of this router you did when it came out under the guise as a "business class" router. However, eric-stewart, toxic, kspare, and myself have been dealing with this spiffy, over featured doorstop for 8 months; Linksys is having a hard time getting it right because they don't own the code; Gemtek does. The board in this router is a board for Gemtek's "WRTR" router line ( )

    All Linksys did was put a new shiny box around it and call it a business router. The truth is the WRV54G "is" a better router because the vpn along with a few other process were hardware accelerated to include having an intel chipset; the WRV200 is made cheaper but has premeir "bells and whistles:" static dhcp assignment, mulitple wireless sid, wireless vlan, gre, and aes functionality.

    Overally, the guts of this nifty device "is not" business class as the linksysinfo team was led to believe. However, if the "software" can be tamed and this thing started working the way as proclaimed, I'm sure no one would mind nor be able to tell the difference :)

  12. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

  13. dudeinauckland

    dudeinauckland LI Guru Member

    it sounds like we are vehemently agreeing LOL!!! The difference is that you have been beaten down by flakiness of the WRV200, and I am still fighting (probably not for much longer)

    Given that I need some of the features of the WRV200 (specifically the Static DHCP, WIFI, VPN, and VLAN, WPA) what would your suggested approach be?

  14. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Get something thats better (albeit more expensive) but will satisfy your needs, be reliable and most importantly will work as advertised.
  15. dudeinauckland

    dudeinauckland LI Guru Member

    I have to say thats a somewhat obvious but rather unhelpful response.

    I was more looking for product recommendations, or a 'wait 2 weeks, there is new firmware on the horizon' or something similar.

    Actually - on that second point - If there is anything I can do to provide feedback to Linksys/Gemtek on this, how would I best do this.


  16. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Firmware is up in the air and has been for quite sometime. The last word that I know of is hopefully comming soon. Now take that with a grain of salt, and your patience in the matter might be greater them some of ours, but i got tired of waiting around and having to reboot the device at the most inopportune time.

    As far as recommendations go:

    Cisco- 851W or 871W, alittle more pricey but worth it in my opinion is the 1800 series.
    Netscreen 5xp or 5xt both i believe offer a wireless model
    Checkpoint Safe@Office 500w (very solid and if you keep up the service contract, spectacular support)

    Those are my top choices for what will meet your needs. Theres lots of creative ways to do what you want to do but not to many built into the same unit. For instance you can take a base wrt54g find a cheap layer3 switch and run whatever vlan network configuration you want. Heck depending on how creative you wanted to be you could do it with a layer2 manageable switch and a couple low cost linksys wireless routers. I know this doesnt exactly fit into your plan of having the wrv200 handle it as its promoted, believe me many of us are awaiting that day. But it will get rid of the regular headache that you now have.
  17. dudeinauckland

    dudeinauckland LI Guru Member

    now there are some good ideas :)

    I'm going to do a review with some of the team and work out next steps!

  18. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    I went ahead an bought an 871w and I'm tuning it up as we speak (I have 2 internet connections; ADSL and Cable).

    The WRV200 is the "little brother" to the 871W. If Linksys gets the firmware right next month with the next beta, it's an entirely new ballgame...

  19. dudeinauckland

    dudeinauckland LI Guru Member

    Lets hope the next firmware release is looking good! I still like the device, its got the feature set I need - just not the stability (and it looks purdy :) )

    Do you have any word on WHEN next month it is being released?

    I'll struggle to justify the vast difference in price between the 870 Series from Cisco and the WRV200 :). I think to describe one as the little brother of the other is not quite true however. They share no genetic lineage (i.e. I don't believe the 870 series is a gemtek rebrand?)

  20. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Speaking in "brand name" only, you could consider the WRV200 to be more of either a "half brother" or "step brother" :) In actuality, the WRV54G is more closely associated to the 870w series...

    As far as firmware, we've been told to expect something in April; no exact day as of yet but that's as much as we have to go on for now...

  21. csayers

    csayers LI Guru Member


    I recently sold my WRV200 to a person with lesser requirements. I bought a Zywall 2 Plus. VPN is rock solid, Static DHCP works, Port Forwarding works, My Voip Box now works. I used an old Dlink wireless router as an Access point for my wireless capabilities. I have owned 3 different Zywall products they all work as advertised. There is a Zywall 2WG to be released in April with wireless.

    My recommendation is Zywall products. I owned the WRV200 since May 2006 and grief, grief, grief. I am done with trying to save a few bucks with Linksys, it's just not worth it for me.
  22. Sfor

    Sfor Network Guru Member

    The Linksys seems to be a corporation without own research center. I own 2 Linksys made devices.

    PAP2 - Sipura design.
    WRV200 - Gemtek design.

    The PAP2 case design is a very nice one. I can not say the same about the WRV200. It looks like someone fitted the board in a too large box.

    PAP2 - the ligts are very bright ones, visible from a large angle.

    The WRV200 is an exact opposite of the PAP2. The lights are fitted deep inside of the case. It is necesary to look at them from a certain angle, in order to see them. Looks like the case was not designed for this particular board.

    While buying the WRV200 I was convinced the Linksys is a good trademark. The PAP2 design and reliability were the proof.

    The result of the half of a year long battle with the WRV200 is the conclusion: Linksys is just a reseller, and a case maker.
  23. arSouth

    arSouth LI Guru Member

    Hi, i'm new to the forum, but i've been working with cisco 871, 831, and the AP1100, AP1200.
    the wireless part actually came from the Company that's call Aironet, cisco bought then out.
    tell you the true, the Cisco 1200AP is by far the best i have seen, it covers a extremely huge area even in a steel and concrete structure.
    The 870 series is awsome too, running a full functional Cisco IOS, the VPN is really stable, no drop at all, it's awsome.

    but linksys WRV200 is just choking on BT, the DHCP on the wan side doesn't work, the VPN finally being able to connect, by that's it, it doesn't do anything else, you not getting a DHCP address from VPN, you not in the VPN network......

    there is a price difference, but make something work at lease...
    this is getting frustrate
  24. kspare

    kspare Computer Guy Staff Member Member

    <cough> .. helping jay pull his foot outta his mouth....

    Unfortunately you are completely right. linksys does market the wrv series of routers as Business Class routers.

    The wrv54g works solid. Short of nat-t.
    The wrv200 will be solid shortly, i've been running two of them at client sites since beta 1.0.29 with virtually no problems, the new beta seems to be working VERY good. However it now satisfy's my needs, but we will soon find out if it works for everyone.

    The wrv4400 doesn't touch either of these right now, it only has a few flaws but they are fairly major, once that router gets fixed up, that will be the one to have.

    Problems like this aren't just happening with linksys, i've got 5 cisco 851w's waiting to be replaced due to problems with wifi in those routers.

    If anyone is thinking cisco, go with the 871, i've yet to hear about a problem with those routers. Basically the 851w has an issues with linksys wireless devices, more specific it's a problem with the beacon. Even the big guys can have problems, but linksys, i'd say is working pretty hard to get this wrv200 working, which is good! Once it's tweaked, you'll be getting one hell of a router for the price!

    Sorry for the babble! lol
  25. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    *burp* helping kspare in fully explaining wrv54g limitations :) Umm, when was my foot "in my mouth?" :)

    The wrv54g is also unable to pass GRE (Protocol 47) and does not do AES. As Kspare noted, the WRV54G is fully functional now, but.... I remember a time where this forum was getting "blown up" because people could not get the WRV54G running the way they wanted it to (Toxic, and eric_stewart can corroborate this), so the issues going on with the WRV200 are "right in line." If history repeats itself, this product will be "the" steal of SOHO routers pretty soon...



    yeah, I said it, a "steal." I'm a grown azz man, and I'm not back strokin' on that statement!!! :)
  26. Sfor

    Sfor Network Guru Member

    Erm.. I've been thinking about this. And... Where the GPL code for this router came from?

    There is the GPL code available. So, anyone can improve it, incluging the Linksys.

    Or, perhaps, I do not understand the situation.
  27. arSouth

    arSouth LI Guru Member

    so, the GPL codes came from someone else, um....either gemtek's router have the same problem, or it's problem free, so maybe we can use their firmware on this WRV200
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